National Day home store discount 3 big "temptation" need to be vigilant

With the advent of the National Day, major building materials and home stores will have many promotional activities. Many netizens like to purchase various building materials and furniture while taking advantage of this holiday. It is of course a good thing to use the products you choose to purchase during the event to save a lot of money. However, there are many fatal temptations hidden behind activities and low prices. Let’s first take a look at these temptations. During the period of November, don’t Those who are fascinated by these temptations and keep their heads awake can buy good and affordable products.

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Phenomenon 1: Crazy Sample Discount

"Actually, we made a sample of two months in the store. It's environmental protection and it's not bad at all. Now it deals with special prices..." Faced with this temptation, can you stand it?

"If you look like it is OK, I might buy it, so much cheaper. Why not do it?" Ms. Chu believes that, in general, manufacturers will use good quality, fine furniture as a sample, and because the sample is in the air. Put a long time, formaldehyde and other harmful substances should have been released more thoroughly, more environmentally friendly than new furniture. Ms. Guo thinks, “It's okay if the sample is slightly old, as long as it isn’t damaged,” Ms. Hu said. “If the price of the sample can be less than half of the original price, it is worth considering. If there isn’t much discount, then forget it.”

Suggestion: Experts say that when purchasing samples, consumers should pay attention to the following points: First, we must understand clearly whether it can be returned or not. Because many samples are placed for a long time, there will inevitably be some signs of wear or appearance of scratches, but many businesses have refused to replace the "special discount is not returned" as the reason, so consumers should remember to ask clear before buying, so as not to lose.

Second, although the low price of sample furniture is tempting, the sample furniture launched by individual merchants is actually inventory furniture rather than samples. At this point, it is best for consumers to look at their manuals first. According to the instructions, the specific production time of this product can be seen. Beware of buying “scrap furniture”.

Third, consumers must carefully inspect the sample furniture, such as whether the appearance is damaged, whether the paint is peeled off, if the coat is dirty, the frame and the hardware are intact, etc., to ensure that the function and appearance meet the requirements before payment.

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