What types of building materials are the most complained about?

The variety of decoration building materials is dazzling, the style is very different, and the material selection is also very particular. Xiao Bian has compiled several types of home building materials with the most complaints in decoration and teaches us how to buy these building materials:

Smick tile Mona tile

ceramic tile

The focus of complaints is: Low water absorption, easy to slip, yellowing and darkening in less than a month.

The author saw from the website that the complaints about the quality of living room tiles and paving tiles are the most concentrated, including uneven surface or seams, water slippery on the ground in the morning and evening, etc.; Yellow, the surface produces small black spots, and even cracks in the tile connection.

Analysis of the reasons: The quality of the tiles is usually seen from the appearance. If there are black spots or pinholes, the salesperson will deceive consumers to say that this is a special effect of color. In fact, this is the tile appeared in the calcination process. Quality issues. In addition, there may be scratches, cracks, etc. on the surface of the tiles, which may be caused by collisions during transportation. Tiles are also semi-finished materials. The yellowing and blackening of pavements generally occurs in tiles, kitchens and other areas where the moisture and moisture are heavy. There are two reasons: First, the tile itself has a high water absorption rate; the second is the collage. When the tile is not tight, it results.

Consumer Tips: There are many ways to identify the quality of tiles, which can be identified by listening, watching, and touching. First, tapping on the surface of the tile sounds crisply indicating the density and hardness of the tiles. Secondly, look at the glossiness and flatness of the surface of the tile. You can use a hard object to scrape the tile surface. If you leave a mark, it indicates that the tile is glazed. Finally, you can feel the quality of the tiles by touching them and see if the surface of the tiles is uneven.

In addition, according to the wear resistance of tiles, water absorption, etc., to assess the tiles suitable for laying in which areas. When receiving the goods, it is necessary to clearly see whether the outer packaging of the tiles is in good condition and whether to open the inspection tiles to see if they are cracked. The broken tiles can be returned promptly by the manufacturer.

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