Several points of home improvement timber purchase

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When home improvement, wood purchase needs to pay attention to the following points:

First, pay attention to the weight and hardness of the wood. Heavy and hard floors are generally more stable than light and soft floors, and light and soft floors tend to swell. Ironwood, disc bean, heavy ant wood, acacia wood, and glucoma are heavier and harder than ash and fiber skin, and the floor is not easily deformed.

Second, whether wood contains oil is also an important point for timber purchase. Heavy and hard materials are not necessarily good, heavy woods are prone to fine cracks, and floors with air-dry density above 1.0 should be careful. However, if the wood contains oil, stability is better. Ironwood is prone to fine cracks if it does not contain oil, and heavy ant wood and disc beans have very good oil stability.

Third, the color of the wood is also very important, light color is better. The heavy ant wood and the zelkova hematoxylin have good stability, but the true color difference is large and the color is dark. The floor and the sample of the actual shop often have a big gap, and the color is single, which is dark. The natural color of oak, etc., can be processed into many colors, the color difference is relatively small.

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