Three steps to teach you to buy high-quality anti-theft door locks

Locks are necessary hardware for home life. For security doors, the importance of locks is even more pronounced. Here's how to choose a high quality anti-theft door lock in three steps:

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First, observe the overall appearance of security door locks:

1. There are corporate trademarks, corporate logos and corporate product liability insurance logos outside the product;

2, remove the outer packaging, the product should also be covered with a layer of plastic film to ensure that the product in the process of transport and storage moisture and dust;

3, remove the film, the product appearance should be no obvious flaws, no obvious undulations on the board surface, no bumping brain, scratches, paint stripping, off the phenomenon of welding, product accessories are available;

4, the door bell is crisp and sweet, no long ringing and no ringing;

5, cat's eye vision, high clarity, no damage to the glass lens.

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