Expert Weapons: Four indicators identify the quality of solid wood flooring

For those who have not engaged in renovations, going to the building materials market to buy solid wood flooring will certainly be a headache. Listening to floorboard manufacturers will make you feel overwhelmed. The price of flooring and the variety of brands cannot be a direct standard for measuring good or bad. How can we not lose or not be fooled? The following experts have summarized the following four indicators for you, which is very simple. After reading, you will no longer be at a loss.

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(1) The moisture content of the floor: In general, floor distributors should have a "moisture meter". The international standard for floor moisture content is 8%—13%; the difference between the floor moisture content of the same specification and wood species is ±2%, which is qualified.

(2) Floor paint surface: The paint film is smooth, bubble-free, and the surface has no paint leakage, and the wear resistance is good. In addition, by adding color to the floor surface, chromatic aberration can be reduced and surface defects can be masked. The varnish is divided into rolling paint and lacquer, the quality of which is also different, and the cost of the same thickness of paint film and finish is quite different. Therefore, the fullness of the swatches, lacquer processing boards and paint films is your first choice.

(3) Flooring accuracy: 8 pieces are taken out of the box and assembled by freehand. Observe the presence or absence of gaps in the mouth of the enterprise, and the height difference between adjacent plates, such as strict joints and no significant difference in feel.

(4) Viewing the substrate: Whether the surface of the floor is dead, cracked or rot. It is normal to see if the floor is of the same material, and it is normal for the floor to have joints. The difference in pattern and color of the floor is unavoidable. When paving, the combination of colors and textures can be beautiful and natural.

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