How to identify high quality switches and sockets

Although switches and sockets are not the main materials in the decoration, wise choices can not only enhance your home, but also protect the safety of you and your family and family property. Here we will tell you the main points of choosing switches and sockets:

First, look at the appearance. Panels for high-quality switches and sockets should be made of high-grade plastic products that look uniform and have a smooth, smooth surface. The plastic panel material is selected from the United States General Company imported PC material (ballistic rubber), its flame retardant, insulation and impact resistance are very good, and the material is stable, not easy to change color. The use of switches and sockets made of such materials can greatly reduce the occurrence of fire and other conditions caused by the circuit.

Second, open the switch panel, you can see the internal structure of the switch and socket. As far as switches are concerned, pure silver contacts and conductive sheets made of silver-copper composite materials are generally used. This prevents arc-induced oxidation during opening and closing. The high-quality panel's conductive bridge uses a silver-nickel-copper composite. The silver material has excellent electrical conductivity, and the silver-nickel alloy has a very strong ability to suppress arcing, thus ensuring that the switch can be opened and closed more than 80,000 times, far exceeding the international standard of 40,000 times. The high-quality switch adopts the brass screw press line, the contact surface is large and good, the pressure line ability is strong, and the wiring is stable and reliable. Single-hole wiring copper pillars have large wiring capacity and are not limited by wire diameter. In addition, the product panel reserves 6 to 8 (up, down, left, and right corners) fixed mounting holes, free and flexible, suitable for a variety of installation needs.

Third, for the socket, the first thing to consider is its security. The security protection door of the socket is indispensable. When selecting the socket, you should try to choose the product with the protection door. Second, to check the degree of fastening of the socket clip, smooth insertion force is a key factor. High-quality sockets generally use strong extrusion methods, which greatly enhances the cooperation of clips and plugs, eliminates the fear of heat during prolonged use, and at the same time makes it difficult for the plugs to come off due to strong squeezing, effectively reducing the power-off accidents caused by non-human factors. occur. At the same time, the socket clip adopts high-quality tin-phosphor bronze, which has good conductivity and fatigue resistance, and ensures that the number of plug sockets can reach 10,000 times (the national standard is 5,000 times).

Fourth, in considering the safety of switches and sockets, their designs have also been of increasing concern to consumers.

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