Frequent problems arise how to buy a suitable tile?

As we all know, once the tiles are renovated and there are problems in the decoration, the consequences are very serious. The purchase of tiles is very particular. The following list of issues must be clearly considered before the renovation. These problems often determine the type, size, price, and even the overall style of the home.

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What is the shop?

This question seems to be very idiotic, but it is the most basic, first of all you have to fully understand which space is suitable for which tiles. In fact, the key to this problem is not what to use, but how to match various materials. For example: Some owners want to tile in the living room while choosing wood flooring in the bedroom. This creates problems:

If the living room is paved with ordinary vitrified tiles and the bedroom is paved with laminate flooring, there will be a height difference of about 3cm between the bedroom and the living room. This is mainly due to the fact that there is no keel under the laminate flooring. So is it right in the bedroom to choose solid wood flooring? Of course not. Usually, solid wood floors are installed by manufacturers and 3 x 2cm keels are used. If the size of the 5 x 4cm keel is best used for leveling with the tiles in the living room, the service terms for replacement keel of various floor manufacturers are different. Therefore, we must fully communicate with the owners. After all, our purpose is to make the owners satisfied, understand the basic requirements of the owners, and then find the most appropriate program based on the owners' original ideas. If the owner wishes to choose the way to mix floor and floor tiles, he must plan well to avoid unnecessary troubles. Here are two basic ways to match: tile + laminate flooring = room floor with a cement mortar pad height 3cm, tile + solid wood flooring = 5x4cm keel under the floor specifications

What type of floor tile is selected?

Is it 600? 800? Or 1000 or other specifications? This is a problem! The current floor tiles, especially the floor tiles used in the living room is mainly 500mm, 600mm, 800mm and 1000mm (ie 1 meter) and other specifications, including The most used are two kinds of 600mm and 800mm. So how do you choose? It is recommended to choose according to the area of ​​the shop and the placement of the furniture. Since 600mm bricks per unit area have more bricks than 800mm bricks, the space can be expanded visually. At the same time, the waste rate when laying corners is lower than 800mm bricks, while the space is large 800. Even 1 meter bricks look atmospheric. Therefore, it is recommended that the space of less than 40 square meters choose 600mm specifications of the floor tiles; and more than 40 square meters of space can choose 800mm or one meter of floor tiles. It is worth noting that if you have too much furniture (such as a bedroom) in your room and you cover a large piece of floor, it is best to use a 600mm floor tile.

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