A few coups teach you to identify whether wood flooring is environmentally friendly

The floor is an important building material for home improvement, and its environmental protection has attracted more and more attention. Xiao Bian told everyone that "Four Words" helped the netizens to choose environmentally-friendly flooring and keep the pollution out of the door.

Brand Shop: Keno Flooring

Look at the packaging

Look at the package and see the certificate. General regular manufacturers, whether it is pure imported or domestically produced, will use the Chinese or English-language control word mark for packaging. For packaging, all English must be careful, and it is likely that small manufacturers will deceive consumers as “smoke bombs”. In order to maintain their reputation, regular manufacturers generally use environmentally-friendly raw materials that comply with national regulations. The behavior of small factories is difficult to guarantee. Another point is that companies are required to present the ISO14001 International Environmental System Certification and China Environmental Label Certification.

Smell smell

The tip of a small template can be soaked in boiling water for one to three minutes to see if it has a pungent taste. Because of the low emission of formaldehyde, the green floor will not smell pungent odors. If you smell a strong stimuli and even make your eyes feel uncomfortable, it proves that the substrate of the floor contains a lot of free formaldehyde. Will pollute the air.

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