Bathing ware suitable for the elderly

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A hot bath in the bathtub, enjoy the warmth and comfort that many old people yearn for. However, as children, they will inevitably fear that their parents have poor legs and body, inflexible bodies, inconvenient access to the bathtub, and slipping and falling. What kind of bath ware is more suitable for the elderly? Baths for the elderly should pay attention to both the non-slip and heating temperature of the bath.

The elderly have high blood pressure, coronary heart disease, pulmonary heart disease and other cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. They are inconvenient when they have older legs and feet. It is more dangerous to enter and leave the bathtub. Therefore, it is not advisable to choose bathtubs for elderly people who are too deep and have obvious arcs. Because of the high room temperature in the bathroom, the old people will be in danger if they soak in the water in the bathtub which exceeds the heart. The shallow bathtub is not only convenient for the elderly to access, but also can guarantee the safe water level. The bathtub with small arc is not easy to slip, and the old people are easy to grasp. In addition, when buying bathtubs in the home market, care can be taken to choose bathtubs that are designed with steps, cylinders with wood, and handrails. These bathtubs are designed with safety in mind and are more suitable for the elderly.

If the parent's home is equipped with a shower, consider buying non-slip products such as non-slip flooring and shower stools. Nowadays, non-slip products are generally made of wood, and rubber suction pads are installed underneath. As long as they are placed in the shower area, the elderly person's bath is much safer. Of course, adding handrails in the shower area is also essential. The material of the handrail should also be of the non-slip type. Buy shower stools are generally sold in bath tubs. Although they are simple in design, they are inconspicuous, but they are helpful for the elderly and are worth recommending. On the one hand, it allows the elderly to sit and rest during the shower, saving energy. On the other hand, if the bathtub is too deep, it can be placed in the bathtub.

When the old man is bathing, the water temperature should not be adjusted too high, and the time should not be too long. Otherwise, the physical exertion is too dangerous for the general assembly. In addition, it is better for the old man to take a bath in the home. You can call from time to time during the bath to prevent accidents and timely deal with.

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