Six essential points for installing stairs

The installation of stairs is very important, so pay attention to a lot of details in order to prevent unnecessary troubles in the future.

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1. Communication with the property

According to reports, the stairs in a typical duplex and penthouse residential building can be demolished and transformed, while the staircases in single-unit and split-level residential buildings cannot be demolished and rebuilt. However, no matter what kind of residential structure, the original building components should first be greeted with the property department.

2. Communication with manufacturers

Before installing the staircase, it is best to communicate with the stair designer about the preliminary stair plan exchange and inquiry before the overall renovation. This is very important, because the stairs should be coordinated with the overall decoration, from style, material to slope, etc. , must be considered in advance, do not think that the stairs to the final decoration can be installed on it. In addition, manufacturers generally have a 30 to 40-day production cycle.

3. Measurement and design

The engineer or decoration designer should come to the door and collect the technical data of all the stairs. If a finished staircase is chosen, the designer of the manufacturer should communicate with the designer of the decoration company on the spot to determine the best plan. Designers produce a flat color effect chart.

4. Signing order

After final confirmation of the design of the staircase, consumers can sign an order confirmation form with the factory and pay the advance payment.

5. Stair assembly

High-grade finished stairs are generally made of parts and can be assembled on site at home. In the past, the decoration of the staircases was based on on-site construction. Not only was the amount of works large, but also the quality was difficult to control. The factory-processed staircase not only guarantees quality but also has a richer shape. The biggest advantage is that the installation is quicker and easier. As long as the interior design is initially selected on the style of the stairs and the opening of the floor is determined, it can be safely done according to the renovation plan. This kind of installation requires only 2 workers, as few as several hours and as many as 3 days can be completed. Sometimes even non-professionals can quickly complete the assembly by referring to the assembly drawings. In fact, most of the people in foreign countries complete the installation of stairs through “DIY”. If there is any damage to the standardized and processed stair components, repairs and replacements are also very convenient. These features are very suitable for the requirements of double-family homes and villas.

6. After sales service

For finished staircases, after installation, the factory should provide after-sales service cards, product certifications, and operating instructions. In addition, many manufacturers will provide complimentary tools for future use in the daily use.

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