Correct choice of fully functional shower room

Today, many people choose to put another small independent room in a small bathroom, which is a very popular independent shower room. The shower room conquered people so quickly, occupied the main space of the bathroom, and used the people to praise the independent shower room. No wonder someone said that there can be no bathtub in the bathroom, but it cannot be without a fully functional shower room.

Langhua Shower Room Roca Shower Room

Hengjie shower room

All-in-one independent bathing concept

The so-called independent shower room is simply an independent, mobile shower room. In the past, people simply built a small brick wall on the floor of a bathroom to make a corner a bathing place, or used a glass door to separate a bathing area in the bathroom, or simply put on a bathtub. Bath or standing bath, but these methods have their drawbacks. The mobile shower room with its own function now provides a convenient bathing solution for modern people.

Now, the exquisite shower room has a modern feel. More and more diversified shower rooms have a variety of styles, some are purely made of glass, and the other is simple with a sense of open space. The structure of the wood-grained plastic sheet, which has been specially treated, reveals a natural atmosphere. With the increasing demand for bathing, independent shower rooms also provide a wide range of functional options. The multi-functional computer shower room with a combination of hydromassage, steam, and sauna makes the shower room smart, and the remote control also allows you to freely set the shower program in the shower room, making bathing truly a star favorite.

Safe shower room was safe

The safety of the shower room is crucial. When shopping, don't just consider whether the design of the shower room or the function is complete. It's best to put safety first. Think about whether your family can feel convenient and practical when using it everyday. For example, it is best not to buy shower rooms with too high a threshold so as to prevent the shower floor from slipping and accidentally falling. Those shower rooms with multiple functions and complicated operation are also not suitable for the elderly and children. It is best to take care of their operations. is it convenient.

Because the shower room is mostly made of glass, it is necessary to choose a shower room made of tempered glass that has better strength from the perspective of safety and durability. In addition, after purchase, it is better to ask the manufacturer to provide professional door-to-door installation, so as to avoid the damage caused by improper installation.

Carefully take care of maintaining cleanliness

Because the shower room is a relatively closed and confined space, it should not be taken lightly to clean it. It is important to understand that the care of the hardware components in the shower room is as important as the overall cleanliness of the shower room.

The main body of the shower room is made of tempered glass. The long-term erosion of various alkaline bath water will cause yellow scale to adhere to the glass of the shower room. When cleaning, you can spray a special glass cleaner and wipe it with a dry cloth to make it bright as new. For hardware components that connect to various parts of the shower room, it is not possible to use any cleaning agent to clean it so as not to affect the service life. The easiest way is to wipe the dirt with a dry cloth every week to keep it clean.

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