Experts point out: The quality of the floor depends on what factors?

The quality of the floor is a topic of concern to everyone. We invited experts - Andy floor global technology director Andy, to answer everyone's floor production steps and buy floor notes!

Excellent performance of fresh raw materials

“The raw materials for the laminate flooring are definitely from the log.” Andy, the global technical director of Aeger Flooring in Germany, stated that high-quality raw materials should have the following characteristics:

First of all, the wood must be sufficiently fresh that it cannot have dead wood and excessive veneer. “Otherwise, the woody advantages of wood fiber will be reduced, the floor strength will be insufficient, and the service life will be shortened. Secondly, it is necessary to ensure that the density of different wood raw materials used is close, preferably a single wood species. In order to better control the purity of wood species In terms of freshness, the production company is best built in the area where the wood grows, and the fixed tree species are used to ensure that the physical properties of the wood fiber used to make the wooden floor are uniform and the machining performance is consistent.With such a condition, the wooden floor can be more stable. of.

It is understood that many companies in the production process of wood flooring are "use wood", regardless of the old and new, regardless of the variety, this kind of raw materials can not guarantee the stability of the wood floor of the substrate. In addition, Andy particularly emphasized that the logs used for good floors should be processed after peeling. Because the physical and mechanical performance indicators such as the strength of the bark fiber and the wood fiber are very different, the mixed use has a great negative impact on the floor quality.

We also need to focus on adhesives that bind wood fibers. All glues contain formaldehyde because formaldehyde is the main ingredient that enhances the viscosity and strength of the glue. However, the formulation of glue has different formaldehyde content, and it usually has strong production. There are strictly confidential technical patents in the research and development of glue. At present, Europe has a strong advantage in this regard.

Flooring purchase formaldehyde

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