Wooden American furniture knowledge treasures remember to buy and maintain

The manufacturing process of American furniture is more complicated than the general furniture, so American furniture needs more careful maintenance and careful selection.

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Wood type

1, observe the lines of wood finishes

Method: Touch the veneer to see if the lines are clear and natural. Ask about the wood type of the finish and compare prices.

About the finishing process:

Wood finishes allow the use of beautiful wooden textures for more flexible use. The exquisitely beautiful fan-shaped, square decorative borders or inlays can only be made with veneers. The use of wood veneer helps to control the expansion and contraction of the wood, and uses the interaction between cross-grains to maintain the stability of the wood. Since the texture of the wood is stretched longitudinally and the veneer has three or five layers, vertical bonding of the individual textures of the wood strips helps to avoid the telescopic deformation of the wood.

2, tap and observe the solid wood structure

Method: knock cabinet frame, bed support. Observe whether all are dry and cracked. Inquire about the type of wood, place of origin, and processing technique.

About solid wood crafts:

There are many kinds of solid wood, such as pine wood or oak. Pine is softwood and is made from evergreen pine trees. The texture of this wood is loose and porous, and the surface is easily sag. Evergreen is cheap because it grows quickly. Hardwoods such as cherries, oaks, and maples are made from deciduous trees with a tight wood grain and strong wood. These trees grow for a long period of time and as raw materials they are usually much more expensive than softwood.


1, personally touch the engraving part

Method: Observe whether the carved part is regular, the fineness of the carving work, the proportion is appropriate, and whether it is integrated with the furniture. Whether the corners are continuous or not.

About carving process:

Carving beautiful details on the wood can add three-dimensionality and dramaticness to the furniture. In the early stages of furniture making, craftsmen transformed hard wood into cute-looking furniture by adding artistic details. The initial furniture carving was a geometric pattern cut into the wood. As technology improves, sculptures become more aesthetically pleasing and often capture elements of the natural world such as flowers, leaves, and vines.

2. Identify carved topics

Method: Identify whether the use of sculpture theme is appropriate, pay attention to the introduction and interpretation of furniture sales is correct.

About carving theme:

The most common engraving is the ball-shaped claw foot of a chair or table. Tables, chairs, beds and cupboards and dressing table legs and feet can be made into spoon-shaped, ladies' shoes, animal's feet, and even snake head shape. On the surface of the drawers and the edges of the mirrors, decorative ornaments such as scallops, vines, leaf-shaped decorative plates, laurel leaves, various types of flowers and grains can also be seen. More modern style design is hi structure

1, observe the interior of the drawer

Method: Check whether the drawer head is tightly connected, gently pull the drawer to see if the slide movement is smooth. Whether the inside of the drawer feels smooth.

About the drawer structure:

The four corners of the drawer are generally made of English-style dove-tailed buns. The edge of the wood is cut in the shape of a dovetail, also known as a dovetail or dovetail.

A good drawer guide has the function of stabilizing the drawer and making it slide smoothly. The high-quality drawer guide is made of high-quality kiln dry hardwood, sanded and painted, and the precise dimensions make the drawer fit the furniture, opening and closing freely, and light. smooth.

The interior of the drawer requires a very smooth and well-painted process to prevent the clothes from being broken when placed inside the drawer. Use sandpaper to polish the topcoat so that the inside of the drawer feels smooth. Even close-fitting clothing can be placed directly in the drawer.

2. Observe the cabinet

Method: See if the frame is regular and stable, whether the corners are smooth and natural, and whether the joint department uses sophisticated mallets, hardware, or cheap gun nails? The top and bottom of the door is flat and fit.

About cabinet structure:

The drawer inside the cabinet can be smoothly closed on wooden rails. English-style pigeon dovetails are used on the front and back of the drawers. The inside of the drawer and the shelf feel smooth.

The back plate of the wardrobe, dressing table, and TV cabinet should be made of finished wood and secured with screws rather than nails, hooks, or glue. The use of a wooden back plate and screw fixation is not only for aesthetic reasons, but also increases the stability of the furniture and prevents the occurrence of tilt deformation.

3, the structure of the observation bed

Method: Open the mattress and see if the bed is assembled using sturdy bolts or a thin metal hook.

About the structure of the bed:

The excellent bed frame structure relies on the bolts to integrate the bed plate into a solid bed body. Each corner of the bolt is fixed with two sets of bolts to form a solid bed frame. The bolts can make the frame tightly combined together and each corner of the bed is 90 Degrees, bolts prevent the bed from shaking. When we sleep in a single bed or on a double bed of a normal size, the mattress is relatively small and does not require additional support in the middle, but if it is in the middle of each bed, for the queen bed and the emperor bed, Support will be helpful.

Maintenance and maintenance

1, furniture surface and cabinet

â—‹ Furniture is suitable for 1824 degrees Celsius and relative humidity 35% 40%.

â—‹ Avoid sunlight on the furniture as a whole or part of the long-term exposure, the best place to place in a place away from sunlight. When the room is relatively dry, consider using an air humidifier, but do not spray directly on the furniture.

â—‹ cups, lamps, accessories, etc. need to be placed on the table, should use a more stable performance of natural or artificial fiber felt mats to protect.

â—‹ Prevent dust. Especially the exquisite carved decoration, such as can not be regularly cleaned ash, small cracks easily affect the appearance of gray.

â—‹ Regular waxing twice a year to make the home glossy and clean on the surface, making it easier to clean.

2, stone

â—‹ Avoid shocks, corrosive liquids, excessive light or high temperatures.

â—‹ Also put a mat on the bottom when you place the cup or accessories.

â—‹ If you need to store or carry stone panels, please be careful not to stand upright. Keep it horizontally and do not have heavy objects on the top.

3, hardware accessories

â—‹ Do not wipe with alcohol or ammonia. This will wipe off the surface protective layer and the color will become dull.

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