How to accept plastic steel doors and windows to make it more secure

Doors and windows are essential building materials in life, and consumers will choose safer choices when they choose. However, the selection of doors and windows actually depends on many aspects. The following summarizes five points for you.

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First, the quality of steel doors and windows profiles

The appearance of the profile should be observed. The color should be blue-white, not white, which is usually considered by people. Pay attention to whether the color of the frame and the fan profile of the door and window is consistent, whether the appearance is uniform and whether the cavity distribution is reasonable. In the formulation of steel door and window profiles, calcium carbonate is usually added as the filler material, and some manufacturers reduce the cost. If the amount is too much, it becomes a calcified plastic. The surface of doors and windows made of this plastic lacks luster and is slightly rough. Hard and brittle, it looks like a rough feeling like stones, normal steel doors and windows, the surface is usually shiny, very tough.

Second, the gap between doors and windows and seal

Look at the tightness of the fit between the various profiles, whether the incision is flush with the fit, the height of the profile overlap, and so on. General steel doors, the main part of consideration is the door frame, the gap between the fan, the door trim and the door edge, the various sections of the shutter connection, seals, etc.; if assembled door panel, but also consider the door Gap; is to open the door but also whether the two doors closed after the light and so on.

Similarly for the use of plastic steel windows, in addition to the assembly of a variety of profile assembly clearance to be considered, the sealing strip is uniform and solid is also very important, the interface gap should not exceed 1mm, which reflects the window sealing performance. Plastic-steel doors usually do the inner door of a building, and the sealing requirements are not so high. Various clearance values ​​are stipulated in national standards, but for customers, the smaller the gap value at various profile connections, the tighter the fit and the more exquisite the assembly process, which reflects the assembly level and the accuracy of the assembly tools.

Third, the welding of steel doors and windows

To see if the weld is flush, whether there are cracks, and whether the internal and external corner seams are clean and beautiful, use a box ruler to measure the diagonal size of the steel doors and windows, the diagonal size difference should be no more than 3mm, diagonal difference The smaller the display process, the finer it will be for installation.

Fourth, hardware and steel doors and windows hardware

The quality of hardware has a certain influence on the life of doors and windows. The hardware used should look thick, and the surface gloss is better, the protective layer is denser, and there is no scratching phenomenon. The most important point is that the opening should be flexible.

Fifth, reinforced steel doors and windows reinforced steel

According to national standards, there are different requirements for the wind pressure resistance of plastic steel doors and windows. The frame of plastic steel doors and windows and the inner cavity of the fan shall be equipped with reinforced steel. According to the height, there are three types of reinforced steel of 1.2mm, 1.5mm and 2.0mm to ensure the The product's ruggedness and longevity. In order to reduce costs, some manufacturers do not install or load reinforced steel that does not meet the requirements.

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