Cabinet purchase ten want to ask the details and depth

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One must ask the thickness of the cabinet board

Currently on the market there are 16mm, 18mm and other thickness specifications of the plate, the thickness of the different costs are very different, only this one 18mm thick than the 16mm thick plate costs 7% higher. 18mm thick plate made of cabinets use The service life can be extended by more than double to ensure that the door panel does not deform and protect the countertop from cracking. When consumers look at the samples, they must carefully understand the composition of the materials and have a good idea.

Second, ask how to assemble

Usually small factories or manual on-site production can only be screwed or glued together.

The use of the latest third-generation box ram structure plus fixtures and quick-loading parts, more effectively ensure the stability and affordability of the box, and less use of adhesive, more environmentally friendly.

Third, ask whether the independent cabinet

The entire set of cabinets will affect the fastness, so consumers should be clear when buying the whole cabinet, the difference in service life and stability between the two

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