Change the knowledge of PP-R pipe involved in water

PP-R (Poly Propylene Random), a random copolymer polypropylene, is a new type of water pipe material commonly used in developed countries. It adopts homogeneous welding technology in the cold and hot water transmission projects, and its comprehensive technical performance and economic indicators are far superior. In other similar products, especially its excellent hygienic performance, from the production and use to the entire process of waste recycling can achieve high health and environmental protection requirements. The products have the advantages of heat resistance, pressure resistance, heat preservation, energy saving, long service life and economy, and will gradually replace other existing water pipes and become the leading products.

Water is an indispensable and important ingredient in our lives. Water contains many different types of chemical substances, minerals, and impurities. Contact with metal pipes creates chemical reactions that cause oxidation and shedding of the pipe walls and secondary pollution. The raw materials of PP-R pipeline are reinforced with polypropylene, which can be reused for environmental protection materials. It will not release heavy metals or other substances that damage health; the wall of the pipeline is not fouled and meets hygiene and health standards. The PP-R pipe is It is most suitable as a hygiene and environmental protection water pipe for the drinking water and food industry.


● Non-toxic, non-corrosive, non-fouling, no bacteria, and fast flow.

● The use of homogeneous hot melt connection, pipe, pipe fittings completely integrated, truly eliminate running, running, drip, leak.

● Insulation and energy saving: The thermal conductivity is only one-eighth of that of the metal pipe, and it is excellent for thermal insulation and energy saving of hot water pipes. It is said that if the water temperature is 50°C and it is used for 2 hours every day, the gas cost will be saved by about 400 yuan in the whole year.

● Light weight, high specific strength: The proportion is only one-eighth of the metal pipe, the strength of the pressure test is more than 5MPA, the toughness is good, and the impact resistance is good.

● The inner and outer walls of the product are smooth, with low flow resistance and low noise.

● High heat-resisting capacity: Low heat-conducting body can withstand hot water and high pressure. Under the specified long-term continuous working pressure, the water temperature of the pipeline can reach 95°C.

● The product is highly flexible, and it is not afraid of cold temperatures. It can be greatly expanded.

● beautiful appearance, fine craftsmanship.

● Long service life: So far, PP-R pipe is the longest service life pipeline.

● Recyclability: No pollution to the environment during production, construction and use. It is a green product.

Scope of application

● Hot and cold drinking water piping systems - residential areas, hospitals, schools, food factories, indoor drinking water, and tap water installations.

● Water purification, pure water pipelines.

● Hot water circulation system.

● Beverage production delivery system.

● Production and processing pipelines for industrial and agricultural products.

recognition methods

The production of qualified PP-R pipe must have strict requirements on raw materials and extrusion equipment.

There are three kinds of PP raw materials that can produce hot and cold water pipes:

1, homopolymer PP Add a certain amount of toughening aids made by blending granulation, this material is called PP-H.

2, using PP and PE block copolymer, this material is called PP-B.

3, the use of advanced gas-phase copolymerization process, PE in the molecular chain of PP random and uniform polymerization, this material is called PP-R.

The screw barrel of the extruder used to produce the PP-R plastic tube is accurately calculated using an advanced computer model to determine the pressure distribution and melting rate of each section, so that it has a good low-temperature plasticizing ability. A conventional single screw extruder cannot be used to produce PP-R tubes.

At present, 70-80% of PP-R pipes on the market are not real PP-R pipes.

In order to help users to initially identify the authenticity of the PP-R pipe and fittings from the appearance and feel. You can refer to the following points to identify methods:

(1) Product Name: The product name of PP-R shall be "PP pipe for hot and cold water or "PP-R pipe for hot and cold water" and "PP-R" or ultra-fine particle modified polypropylene pipe (PP-R). PP-R cold water pipes, PP-R hot water pipes, PP-E pipes, etc. All of the informal names are pseudo PP-R pipes.

(2) The product testing unit is a non-professional unit. The content of the test item does not conform to the content listed in the standard of the PP-R pipe. The product recommendation department or the product promotion department does not understand the PP-R product standard or the department without the PP-R standard. All issued certificates are pseudo-PP-R.

(3) The density of pseudo PP-R is slightly larger than that of PP-R.

(4) The PP-R tube is matte white or other colors, and the pseudo PP-R tube is bright or colorful.

(5) The PP-R tube is completely opaque, and the pseudo PP-R tube is slightly translucent or semi-transparent.

(6) The PP-R tube feels soft, and the fake PP-R tube feels smooth.

(7) The landing sound of PP-R pipe is dull, and the sound of the pseudo PP-R pipe is crisp.

The real PP-R pipe shall comply with the standard ISO/DIS 15874.2-1999 <<Plastic piping system for hot and cold water -PP part 2 pipe>> Pipe fittings shall comply with the standard ISO/DIS 15874.2-1999 <<Cold and hot water plastics Pipeline system--PP part III pipe fittings;; The performance of pseudo PP-R pipe and pipe fittings cannot pass the above standards. It should be pointed out that the service life of the pseudo-PP-R pipe is only 1-5 years, and the service life of the real PP-R pipe is more than 50 years.

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