Freestanding bath to buy tips

After a busy day at home, I immersed the entire person in a bath with foamy warmth. Imagination has already made people relax. Bath as a cultural development has been more to enjoy, so people's requirements for bathing are no longer confined to the bathroom. Separate bathtubs came into being. Its smooth lines, smooth inside and outside, very visual effects, put it in the living room, bedroom, balcony ... ... all depends on your personal preferences. Lit candles, and in the melodious music, enjoy a bath of luxuriant energy. Freedom and soul will sublimate. It's no wonder that Archimedes discovered the buoyancy principle while bathing.

Scenario 1: The converted lighting windows are designed specifically for bathtubs. At the same time, a beautiful view of the window is provided. General villas or high-rise buildings are suitable for this placement.

Scenario 2: The bathtub occupies the main body of the space, and the lines of the large opening are simple and impactful. In a cool atmosphere, the integration of wooden chairs, stools and candlesticks adds a romantic atmosphere. The patterned tiles on the walls give life and blend with the overall atmosphere. Of course, such an arrangement requires a relatively high area for the living room. The area for baths should be at least 20 square meters.

Independence is a discipline

The independent bathtub has high requirements for space, and it is necessary to create a comfortable environment. In the overall design, it is necessary to conceive of the position of the bathtub, the coordination of the colors and materials of the floor, walls, furniture, including the setting of the light source; The configuration around the bathtub needs to ensure the unity of the overall style, such as hangers, green plants, small bath cabinets, etc.; mood, light, ventilation, the external environment, etc. need to be carefully considered.

Scene 3: The medieval inspiration brought by Copenhagen is reflected in chandeliers and oil paintings. The streamlined bathtub itself is also an artwork. Art is an art, so the pendulum needs to deal with bathroom ventilation problems. The dry environment is very important. Fortunately, the area is small, and ordinary apartments can be realized.

Don't choose expensive ones

1, because the manufacturing material basically determines the performance of the bathtub, so when buying a bathtub, to determine the material you want is critical.

When buying, you can use your hand to touch the surface of the bathtub. The more delicate you feel, the better. Tap the bathtub to feel the thickness of the bathtub. If conditions permit, it is best to test the water to identify the noise and insulation.

2. You may choose the bathtub according to your own aesthetics and preferences, but don't forget that the most basic requirement of the bathtub shape is to support the back, the height of the support should be sufficient, and the head and neck should also provide gentle support. In addition, the size and position of the tap hole are also considered. There are many styles of bathtubs on the market today. There are shapes like a chaise longue-like backrest, and giant-sized flower pots with four-foot support. Whether you like avant-garde, antique or modern, you can find it.

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