Artificial board core board related knowledge

Artificial board large core board name blockboard, in the middle with a multi-layered wood stick sticky composite core, on both sides and then affixed to the thin board. Let's talk about the big core board in artificial board:

The use of artificial board core board: now in the home improvement project, whether it is the door, door sleeves, window covers, heating covers or lockers, partition cabinets, etc. are most commonly used or large core board.

Advantages of man-made board large core board: large core board processing technology is simple, holding nail force is good.

Disadvantages of man-made board large core board: large core board due to a variety of mixed wood together, the density difference is larger, easy to produce deformation; large core board moisture content, high formaldehyde content; large core plate can not be used directly, must be done late deal with.

The environmental protection testing standards for man-made boards and large core boards: The amount of formaldehyde released per cubic meter of large core board should be less than or equal to 150 milligrams.

The use of artificial board large core board: Daxin board commonly used processing methods are manual single-layer paste veneer or brush mixed oil, large core plate painted varnish on the back, such as large core plate double-sided stick decoration is double the cost .

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