Tips to Make Tiles Become a Fashion Star

The first is the selection of materials, tiles have a variety of materials, divided into glazed tiles, whole body tiles, polished tiles, vitrified tiles, mosaic several categories. Among them, the mosaic is easy to embellish in a small bathroom space because of its small size and colorfulness. Among them, the most eye-catching glass mosaic, in the kitchen, living room and other large areas of public space, the preferred is the matte glazed tile, it can create a stylish effect. General ladies will like the color of some transparent, like the Sino-Building Spain series of light or the best of Fruity-like gorgeous, while the men love the Omega antique series of subtle fashion sense, but also with a strong Italian style .

Secondly, relying on the decoration of color tiles, we often see the beauty of the model is often based on a few pieces of innovative novelty tiles. In this regard we have to mention import tiles. European tiles are often created by different designers to create different styles. Most of the styles imported into domestic brands are sold in limited quantities. Tiles are not only ceramic tiles, but also the artwork atmosphere. Spending a few hundred dollars to buy back a few "tile works of art" seamlessly connected to their own home space, can create a very artistic feeling.

Third, it is more important to have the idea of ​​"decorating" tiles. A single wall tile looks beautiful on its own: the background is simple and the pattern is bright. It is often dazzling, disorderly, and visually intrusive when the wall is repeatedly covered with densely and repeatedly. Therefore, the choice of tiles must also be reported as the starting point of "decoration". Consumers can either refer to the model of the business with a model legend or choose to let the business give advice and advice based on your creativity.


When decorating the main material, you should also consider whether the fashion sense of the tile matches your overall home fashion, whether it has your own distinctive personality. As long as we get rid of the old tradition of blind and single-purchasing tiles, “tiles are also fashionable” as long as consumers spend a little more time viewing and matching consultations, and more efforts are devoted to design and overall coordination.

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