Wireless mobile video surveillance system features

Wireless mobile video surveillance system adopts advanced 2.75G wireless data communication, digital image acquisition, compression, storage, smart phone image monitoring, wide area network and other advanced technologies, research and development of "see far - wireless image monitoring system."

<br> <br> remote video transmission system using GPRS or CDMA wireless transmission, the devices can be used depending on one or two GPRS or CDMA transmit video card. Users can use PDA phones to watch front-end videos. The monitoring center installs a video surveillance server. Authorized users in the local area network can monitor the remote site through IE browser. Different monitoring users can flexibly switch to any monitoring site according to their monitoring needs. Many people can watch one site at the same time, and different users can choose any site monitoring.

Remote monitoring equipment monitoring <br> <br> user can be assigned to different control authority. The user with high control authority can control the device preferentially, such as controlling the PTZ rotation to select the monitoring area object; adjusting the camera lens to change the monitoring range and observation effect; and controlling other specified field device switches.

Multi-screen monitor <br> <br> system has an image of a road on the same client terminals simultaneously monitor all the way, four-way, six-way, eight, nine road, Ten Road, 12 Road, functional front-end image of the Sixteenth Street, user clicks Can be amplified real-time monitoring.

Multi-screen monitor polling <br> <br> user can monitor sequentially turns the switching field within a particular time interval, may be displayed in a full screen image of the camera polling frame. The screen switching interval can be set flexibly, and the interval between screens can be adjusted.

Control priority <br> <br> improve the management mechanism, you can assign the appropriate permissions to control different levels of users respectively.

Video playback on demand <br> <br> users can quickly retrieve video data playback recording conditional intelligent time, camera number, alarm events, can be played by software built-in player. The image playback speed can be adjusted manually.