What should I talk to when the designer first meets?

What should I talk to when the designer first meets?

When the general owner and the designer talk for the first time, designers tend to provide simple suggestions because of the low level of mutual trust. From these suggestions, it can be seen that the designers are skilled in the use of design, and at the same time, they can understand the designer's personality.

However, this person must not draw a bad conclusion from the first simple conversation. Because the designer's creative inspiration comes from the first feeling, it often comes from the improvement in the process of creation.

A thorough understanding of the owner determines the design style.

The room is for the owner to live in, and the design style should also depend on the individual owner rather than the designer, but the design details should be finalized by the designer.

Understand that the owner should clarify the structure of the family of the owner (eg family of 3, family of three generations), age structure (if the child has been in elementary school, has not married, the parents have retired, etc.), family-led personality (such as wife-based Family, wife's hobby is European style or minimalism, etc.), economic conditions, and occupation.

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