Kitchen Renovation: How to Configure Disinfection Cupboard for Kitchen Decoration

Disinfecting cupboards are now quietly entering millions of households and have become an integral part of the modern family kitchen. So, how to configure the kitchen cupboard disinfection in the end?

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First, ensure that the selected disinfection cabinet has a good disinfection effect, not just look good.

First look at the brand, only the professional brand manufacturers can produce high-quality professional products, quality and service support factor is high, the interests of consumers are guaranteed.

The second is to perform a demonstration check on the function. Turn on the power, press the switch one by one, check the working conditions of each function from the outside to hear the continuous discharge of the ozone generator sound is uniform, the UV tube, infrared quartz tube is working properly, check the door open switch (leakage device) can normal work.

Second, consider the compatibility of the disinfection cabinet with the entire kitchen. The selection of the disinfection cabinet should be in harmony with the overall cabinet. The color, style, and function settings must be avoided to destroy the overall kitchen style created by the entire cabinet.

The overall kitchen generally has a simple and generous, flat shape, color and elegant style, if the style is complex, it is difficult to match the overall kitchen appliances.

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