Secondary decoration needs special attention

The reporter learned from the Consumer Protection Committee of Shanghai that there has been a growing number of home decoration complaints received by the Consumer Protection Committee. According to analysis, these complaints mainly related to the second-hand decoration of second-hand housing and old public housing. After investigation, some consumers have misunderstanding of the second decoration is one of the main causes of relevant complaints. In this regard, the Municipal Consumer Protection Committee reminded the decoration to remember "three notes":

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The first is to see the details of the budget. Some consumers mistakenly believe that the second decoration is "simple decoration" and blindly pursue low prices. As a result, there are unscrupulous decoration companies that escort customers at low prices. They first use lower-value renovation projects and material usage to drive down budget prices, and then use construction methods and price increases to raise the settlement price. Remember: When choosing a decoration company, it is necessary not only to compare the level of the budget, but also to check the details of the budget to see if the decoration project and the amount of materials can meet their own decoration needs, so as to avoid falling into the trap of illegal operators.

The second is the timely inspection of building materials. Some consumers mistakenly believe that the second decoration is a "small project", and thus ignore the prior acceptance of the renovation of building materials. As a result, unscrupulous companies took the opportunity to reduce material specifications during construction, and even purchased and used fake and shoddy building materials. When consumers find out, the quality of the decoration has been affected, and even hidden safety hazards. Remember: When reviewing the acceptance of building materials, it is necessary to check in a timely manner whether there is information on the name, address, etc. of the relevant manufacturer on the outer packaging. If necessary, ask the operator for the purchase receipt and check the authenticity and strength of the relevant building materials.

The third is to improve their ability to defend their rights. Consumers should properly understand the construction standards and specifications for decoration and consumption, and can also refer to the “China National Consumer Protection Rights Collection” compiled by the Shanghai Consumer Protection Committee to understand the typical case of family decoration and improve their own rights protection.

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