World Hardware Parts Industry Costs and Profits

World Hardware Parts Industry Costs and Profits The lack of attention to hardware accessories has reduced the firmness and security of the curtain walls, directly affecting the quality of doors and windows and causing hidden dangers to personal safety. Therefore, special attention should be paid to the safety of hardware accessories. Inadequate understanding of the safety of hardware accessories, a typhoon of 15 grades in 1999 in Xiamen, tens of thousands of trees were blown down, poles, tower cranes were blown down, more than 20 glass curtain walls and aluminum windows were not boasted, many sashes It was blown off because the hardware was not secure. The sash has a multi-point lock on all four sides of the sash and it is not blown off.

Door and window curtain wall hardware accessories have been lagging behind for many years, like sanitary ware, knowing that backwardness is not resolved, what is this problem in the end, mainly due to lack of understanding of the importance of accessories, manifested in: the hardware surface decoration requirements are very low, This is a factor that affects development. Do not attach importance to the decorative hardware accessories, hardware accessories is an integral part of the door and window walls, the appearance of the United States is an important part of the door and window curtain wall. Some people think that hardware accessories can be used on the line, poor aesthetic requirements, common curtains are cheap crescent lock more, upper and lower latch type window lock more.

Due to the lack of understanding of the use of functionality, China's hardware accessories for window and door curtains have remained unchanged for several years. What companies in the market buy what, most of the important projects use high-value imported hardware accessories, and foreign companies specialize in researching various types of hardware. Accessories, so different varieties, different hardware features of an endless stream, our lock is generally two lock points, foreign production of multi-point lock, divided into three, four, six points lock, hardware accessories can improve the door and window function, you can make Like a car, sliding hardware accessories folding doors, because there are high-grade multi-functional accessories can have multi-function doors and windows.

To establish a new hardware factory is a big investment, whether it can cooperate with foreign manufacturers, set up a joint venture to set up factories in China, some of the domestic military air accessories factory, because the industry output over snacks, you can put the advanced idle equipment There should be no problem in the production of high-grade hardware. In short, it is necessary to change the backwardness of door and window hardware components as soon as possible. Some of the larger and more well-known hardware fittings factories in China are old, not advanced, small in scale, poor in management, and many of them are township and village enterprises. They did not leave the workshop.

The lack of awareness of the effectiveness of hardware accessories for doors and windows, door and window curtain wall hardware accessories everyone admits behind, but why no one to develop, some people believe that hardware accessories are too thin, not worth the investment, and investment is too little to do a bad hardware Therefore, no one has invested a lot for many years, and hardware accessories have also been extended to foreign countries. The same level of hardware accessories at the same level, much lower than the cost of foreign countries, the entire benefit is not small, but very impressive. Hardware accessories, low-grade curtains profit is not high, but high-grade profits are not thin, we have studied, foreign hardware accessories accounted for 20% to 30% of foreign costs (excluding import taxes) new short-term hardware accessories profit To be high.