Comprehensive Interpretation: The 20 Common Mistakes in Home Furnishings

Fake flowers

They can't bring indoor vitality like beautiful scented flowers. They only bring dust.

This point is highly controversial, but using fake flowers is indeed a mistake. They can't bring indoor vitality like beautiful, scented flowers. They only have dust. Replacing flowers every day is really costly, but sometimes it can be replaced with something else. Some lemons and fruits can be placed in a bowl to create a visual impact. Or use some dry natural materials, such as curved wicker or bamboo stalks.

2. Use too many pillows

If a pillow prevents you from sitting comfortably on the couch or lying in bed, it appears to be too much

If a pillow prevents you from comfortably sitting on a couch or lying on a bed, it appears to be too much. Putting too many pillows on the bed will take a lot of time before you go and move them away. After you get up early, you will spend the same amount of time putting them back in bed. Put your time, energy and financial resources in the area where the ink should be in the room instead of buying a lot of pillows. Several pillows can perform well.

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