Structural characteristics of high pressure large flanged steel gate valve

High pressure large flange connection steel gate valve in line with advanced standards at home and abroad, reliable sealing, excellent performance, handsome in appearance. Gate and seat sealing surface with iron-based alloy surfacing or stellite (cobalt stellite) -based carbide surfacing made, wear-resistant, high temperature, corrosion resistance, good scratch resistance, long service life. High-pressure large flange valve stem by quenching and nitriding surface treatment, have a good corrosive and scratch resistance. Gate valve with wedge-type flexible gate structure, the large diameter set rolling bearings, friction, easy opening and closing. Can adopt all kinds of pipe flange standard and flange sealing surface type to meet various engineering needs and user requirements. High-pressure large flange steel gate valve for nominal pressure PN10.0 ~ 25.0Mpa, operating temperature -29 ℃ ~ 600 ℃ of petroleum, chemical, thermal power stations and other conditions of the pipeline, cut off or connect the media. High pressure large flange connection steel gate valve suitable medium: water, oil, steam and so on. Mode of operation are: manual, gear transmission, electric and so on.