2011 network security product market inventory

High-definition is one of the important trends in the development of the security market. The first thing to realize high-definition is inseparable from the Internet. The network is the basic element that promotes high-definition monitoring, and it is also one of the important elements for achieving high-definition. Firstly, the launch of 3G networks has laid a solid foundation for the road to HD. The concept of 4G networks is now ready for the majority of users. It can make up for the bandwidth and financial problems of 3G networks, and can provide 100Mbps download speed and 20Mbps upload speed. To lay a solid foundation for achieving full HD. Secondly, the "optical network project" proposed by China Telecom is not groundless. The Chinese optical transmission equipment market has begun to start large-scale, and the high-end (10G) will become the focus of construction and will account for 60% of the entire transmission market. The most important thing is that the efficient network environment has led to the birth of a series of networked products and HD-SDI high-definition products. The network has promoted the high-definition market and the products have become the most favorable witness to the market development.

First of all, the front-end surveillance camera, network transmission performance is very important for network cameras, especially high-definition models. The network camera incorporates an embedded chip and uses an embedded real-time operating system. Network cameras are a new generation of products combining traditional cameras with network video technology. The video signal sent from the camera is digitized and compressed by an efficient compression chip and transmitted to the Web server via the network bus. Today, Sony, Hikvision, Yaan and other large companies all produce high-definition megapixel network surveillance cameras.

In addition to the front-end equipment, the networking and digitalization of storage devices are the inevitable result of market development. The end product of the NVR-Internet era validates this view. Dahua, Suzhou Kodak and other companies have also increased the NVR's efforts. At the 2011 Expo, many companies also launched network hard disk recorders and network video servers. DVR is an excessive product of an era. Network cameras and video servers can perform remote monitoring through INTERNET in any corner of the world, eliminating the need for complicated network configuration and wiring work, greatly reducing engineering costs, and centralizing monitoring over long distances. The environment has played a role that cannot be ignored.

The network is the best medium for high-definition signal transmission. As China's network construction continues to strengthen, network high-definition surveillance is gradually entering the growth phase and popularity phase with mature technologies and reasonable prices, and has been accepted by more and more users. The realization of the civilian development of the network is just around the corner.