Optional slurry pump considerations

First of all, pay attention to whether the supplier's technical indicators are up to standard, if the supplier does not have a good technical team, then sure you buy them slurry pump can not be reassuring, after all, in the election pump, sale link, will need a Strong technical team to do support. Second, after the supplier is guaranteed, you should also pay special attention to the details of the selection of the slurry pump, such as whether the customer can provide the supplier with detailed pump parameters. The more detailed the better, the supplier will give you the choice The pump will be more accurate. Again, it is about the material of the slurry pump, which is a crucial part. The pump overall efficiency, life expectancy, and cost, are to some extent by the use of material constraints. Therefore, the purchase, we must not blindly seek cheap, we must strictly review the supplier to provide slurry pump lining material, which is the flow of pieces of material. Two domestic general wear-resistant materials are more common, one metal lined, one is rubber lined. Metal lined, generally we are said to be wear-resistant high-chromium alloy material, rubber wear-resistant natural rubber corrosion. Lining material accounted for the cost of the slurry pump 30% -50%, the material is qualified, directly determines the pump life. So when the purchase must be strict on the supplier's lining material.