Panasonic promotes energy-saving security solutions

Due to the sensitivity of the security video surveillance industry to environmental factors, Panasonic Systems Networks is leading the industry in using energy-efficient equipment manufacturing products to use less hazardous materials and reduce carbon dioxide emissions. At the same time, these products have lower power consumption than previous Panasonic products. Panasonic also strives to reduce the impact on the environment by simplifying the system design and using less material in the manufacturing process.

Panasonic’s sustainability initiatives reflect the company’s long-term commitment to the environment in terms of procurement, production, transportation, operations, and product lifecycle management. Panasonic's environmental protection measures for security video surveillance applications include:

Panasonic's video surveillance cameras consume 47% less power than previous models. Panasonic's other safety products are also designed for effective energy-saving operation modes and standby operations.

Develop small products that require less material to manufacture, conserve natural resources, and ensure safe disposal or recycling of less material at the end of the product's life cycle.

Reusing existing resources to produce products helps reduce waste. For example, Panasonic's HPE 111KT LAN converter enables IP cameras to transmit video data over existing coaxial cables.

Reduce the physical products needed for the engineering system to minimize the impact on the environment. For example, Panasonic's WJ-NV200 network hard disk recorders do not require a separate PC, and Power over Ethernet (PoE) solutions can use fewer cables.

Panasonic's global manufacturing facilities achieve ISO14001 environmental management certification. This is achieved by reducing CO2 emissions and optimizing all productivity in the manufacturing process, and reducing material waste from recycled water, other liquids and materials.

Compliance with the European Union's Directive on Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) significantly reduces use and, in some cases, eliminates lead and other hazardous substances.

"Protecting natural resources is a key factor in evaluating a good corporate citizen. We should protect our planet's resources in the security industry and minimize the negative impact on the environment." Mr. Bill Taylor, Chairman of Panasonic Systems Networks, Inc., USA Say. “Now is the time for all of us to establish a sense of environmental protection, and we must also translate this consciousness into action. Panasonic is trying to do our part.”