What are the contents of the decoration contract sample?

The function of the decoration contract is self-evident. What problems should be paid attention to in the signing process? What are the contents of the decoration contract sample ? Is the decoration contract sample useful? Today Xiaobian has compiled the latest renovation contract sample and the most complete decoration contract sample template for your reference or download to prevent anyone from being deceived when signing a renovation contract!

Home decoration contract sample

The client (Party A):

The undertaker (Party B):

Projects: Both parties A and B negotiated and negotiated with each other. Party A decided to appoint Party B to decorate their homes. In order to ensure the smooth progress of the project, according to the relevant national laws and regulations, this contract (including the annex of this contract and all supplementary contracts) shall be signed for mutual compliance.

Article 1: Project Overview

1. Project address: __________________________________________________

2. Room specifications: Room type (style) Room kitchen

1, _____ room, total __________ square meters;

2, ______ hall, total __________ square meters;

3, ______ kitchen, total __________ square meters;

4, ______ bathroom, including __________ square meters;

5. ______ balcony, __________ square meters;

6, _______ aisle, total _______ square meters;

7, other (indicated parts) __________, total _______ square meters;

Total: construction area ___________ square meters;

3. Construction Content: Please refer to the appendix “Home Decoration Construction Content List” and construction drawing for details.

4. Delegate method: _____________________________________

5. Project Commencement Date: ________________ Month________

6. Project Completion Date: __________year _________ Month _________ day

Total days of construction: _____________ days

Article 2: Construction Price

The project price (amount in capital) is RMB. Please refer to the “Household Decoration Engineering Materials Budget” attached to this contract for details.

1, material section _______ yuan; 2, labor costs _________ yuan;

3, the design fee ________ yuan; 4, construction clear freight _________ yuan;

5, unloading fee ________ yuan; 6, management fee __________ yuan;

7. Taxes (3.41%) ___________ yuan;

8, other costs (marked content) _____________ yuan;

Article 3: Quality Requirements

1. The types, specifications, and names of the main materials used in the project are recognized by both parties. For details, please refer to the “Finance Management List for Home Improvement Engineering Materials” attached to this contract.

2. The project acceptance criteria, the two sides agreed to refer to the city local standard DB31/T30-1999 "residential decoration acceptance standards" provisions.

3. During the construction, if Party A has special construction items or special quality requirements, both parties should confirm and increase the additional costs, and sign another supplementary contract.

4. Quality inspection and supervision department: Home decoration professional committee of the Municipal Interior Decoration Industry Association.

5. For materials and equipment purchased by Party A itself, Party A shall be responsible for the quality of the product; Party B shall be responsible for the construction quality.

6. If Party A hires engineering supervision, Party B must notify Party B before the construction of the project to facilitate the work connection.

Article IV: Material Supply

1. Party B shall strictly follow the regulations of the relevant price regulations of the country and strictly implement the price list for the materials used in this contract. For details, please refer to the appendix to the “Funds of Home Decoration Engineering Materials”. The materials provided by Party A shall be used in the decoration works stipulated in this contract, and shall not be used for other purposes without the consent of Party A. If Party B uses it for other purposes, Party B shall compensate Party A according to the double price of the misappropriated material.

2. If the materials and equipment provided by Party B do not meet the quality requirements or the specifications are different, they should be prohibited from use. If it has been used, Party B shall be responsible for the losses caused to the project.

3. Party A shall be responsible for purchasing and supplying materials and equipment. For details, please refer to the appendix “List of Party A Providing Decoration Materials” in this contract. It should be a qualified product that meets the design requirements and should be supplied to the site on time. If the delay arrives, the construction period will be postponed and the penalty will be imposed on the delay. 10% of the total amount of materials provided by Party A shall be paid to Party B as management fees. After the materials are accepted by Party B, Party B shall be responsible for the safekeeping. If the losses are caused due to improper storage, Party B shall be responsible for compensation.

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