After the room decoration furniture should pay attention to a few taboos

The beautiful and comfortable new home was finally renovated. The placement of the furniture may be the last procedure, but the knowledge in it is not a minor one. let's figure it out together. Look at the taboo below. Did you do it?

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Taboo one

Nowadays, fabric sofas are more popular, and excessively strong sunlight will cause the surface of beautiful fabric sofas to fade. Sofas with other materials will also be damaged due to prolonged direct sunlight, which will directly affect the durability of sofas. So no matter which material the sofa is made of, None of them can be placed near windows for a long time, especially when the room is facing the west. The sofa should not be placed long by the window

Taboo II

There are two reasons for placing audio and video equipment away from the window for two reasons: First, the screen of the TV set will have a reflective effect when it is exposed to light, making the eyes uncomfortable when enjoying TV programs. Secondly, near the window, it will be contaminated with dust. When it rains, it is more likely that rain will splash on the equipment, affecting its operation and even causing electric leakage. Audio and video equipment should not be placed near the window

Taboo three

Most of the lights on the market are chandeliers, which must be used properly. If the house is too low, we must pay attention to the height of the chandeliers. Too low will hinder the movement. With the chandelier in the middle, the light will be more even. As for the height of the chandeliers, the most ideal distance is about 50-60 cm from the table. If it is too high, it may be visibly dazzling. If it is too low, it will hit the head. Chandelier use must be properly

Taboo Four

The desktop of the writing desk should be lower than the elbow to facilitate activities. The distance between the top of the wall cabinet and the floor should not exceed 2 meters. If there are two levels of art cabinets, the first floor should be able to see the objects placed in the top level as the ideal height. The second floor can be raised with the hands to raise the height. It is better to get something. Writing desk height should pay attention

Taboo Five

The bed should not be in front of a mirror because the mirror reflects other things. When people are in a state of ambiguity, they may be frightened. The bed should not be placed under the beam, because the subconscious will feel oppressed under the beam.

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