Hangzhou hot rolled coil market rebounded

Hangzhou hot-rolled coil market rebounded, Hangzhou hot-rolled price was relatively stable this week, and is now 4.5-9.5*1500mm. The price quoted by Ninglang/Shandong Iron and Steel/Rizhao/Shagang is 4220-4250 yuan/ton (ton price, the same below; 2.5 -3.0*1500 Shagang, Ninglang, Handan Iron and Steel offer at 4440 yuan;1.8*1500*C Handan steel coil quoted at 4640 yuan;Low-alloy 1500mm coil mainstream report at 4420 Yuan.In the past few days, leading cities stabilized the market conditions Affecting the local hot-rolling market has also shown signs of falling, the recent demand has been a concern for businesses, demand is not heavy, the willingness to price adjustment is not strong, the current market low-cost resources disappear, dealers will be higher than the willingness to ship Strong, it is expected that the local enthusiasm for enthusiasm in Hangzhou may recover slightly.

According to the market research of the Information Research Center, as of November 29, the price of 5.5mm × 1500mm first-line steel mills in the Hangzhou hot coil market was 4220-4250 yuan, and the price of 2.75 general coils was 4440 yuan.