Three feng shui problems that are easily overlooked at home

Home feng shui is a problem that we are very concerned about. Not many people will devote their energies to home decoration. We hope to use feng shui adjustments to change the health and fortune of the family. However, after the center of gravity is resolved, we tend to ignore some small details, and these details that are most difficult to value can bring about some unexpected feng shui effects. Where exactly is their role, the following small details hope to really help you:

Please sit on the sofa Qiao Sen sofa

A nail on the door

In the home life, many people are willing to nail some nails on the back of the door to hang things and nail them on the wall. This is actually not good. Especially behind the door can not be nailed, because the role of the door in the feng shui is equivalent to the person's face, the door nailed the same as the face of a long thorn. If you want to hang things, it is recommended that you buy a traceless hook.

Second, the shoe

First of all, it is recommended that the shoe be placed in the doorway that is often accessed, not in the room. Shoe cabinets are usually multi-layered designs. From a feng shui point of view, the shoe cabinets are preferably five stories tall, all of which are represented by five soil numbers, and the shoes cabinets are less problematic than the five-tiered shoes. Bogey, because the shoes belong to the soil, they should be "down-to-earth." If the shoes are placed too high, they can easily be sprained and fall when walking. In addition, the shoes represent the "base" and the foundation is stable, which helps the development of the business ideal. When placed, the tip of the shoe is best not to face the person, the toe head is outward, the tip of the shoe is easy to become a fire, and it is not good for the owner's health.

Third, the bed

The so-called bedside emptying means that there is no meaning of backing or backing. This phenomenon is often seen in many family layouts. The headboard is empty, easy to lack security, and there will be no feeling of being unconstrained. Analysis from the layout of feng shui at home is a bogey, because after entering sleep, people's ability to prevent is the worst. If there is a bad mood, they will be unknowingly injured, especially if there is a sentence. As the saying goes, “The gods are afraid of the back of the wind,” it is easy to cause symptoms that are unfavorable to the health. It is recommended that at least two sides of the bed should be against the wall when placing.

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