Small family of commonly used cable knowledge

Household appliances are essential for home use. In recent years, with the development and popularization of home appliances, household electricity consumption has increased rapidly. In order to ensure safe home use, consumers should pay attention to the following matters when purchasing and using electric wires. Under the cable knowledge.

RVVP: copper core PVC insulated shielded PVC sheathed flexible cable, voltage 300V/300V 2-24 core. The main quality indicators: wire diameter (including core wire and braided wire, not as thick as possible, with impurity copper to achieve the resistance standard and do very rough), copper core purity, weaving density, lay length.

Cable can be wire   

Uses: instruments, meters, intercom, monitoring, control installation.

RG: Physically foamed polyethylene insulated access network cables are used to transmit data analog signals in a coaxial fiber hybrid network (HFC). This is an American standard and is approximately equivalent to the national standard SYWV series. The main quality indicators: copper wire diameter, insulation thickness, braided material (the market is mostly aluminum-magnesia wire braided, good quality should use tin-plated copper), weaving density.

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