Selecting "door" actually has tips

At present, there are many kinds of doors in the home improvement market, and the selection of doors involves many problems, such as the decoration style and long-term durability. Therefore, the choice of the door is very learned.

European school door

Bedroom door look material

Choose the bedroom door is mainly to pick the material, there are generally plywood doors, solid wood composite (also known as composite solid wood doors), the original wood doors (pure wood) three categories. Plywood doors are mainly used for multi-purpose office buildings and are not suitable for home decoration. The door core filler of solid wood composite door is pure wood, but it is generally non-expensive tree species such as pine or fir. The surface layer base material is medium density fiberboard or perforated particleboard, the surface is covered with veneer, made by high temperature hot pressing, and solid wood is used. Line seals. This kind of door formaldehyde content is seriously excessive, pay attention to when choosing to distinguish the quality of paint, in addition, the core board with high density board sound insulation effect is poor, the core board with fir thick core board is better. Generally, such materials are not suitable for use in areas with relatively heavy moisture, and often the door frame is deformed, and discoloration and peeling occur in the lower half of the door leaf. The original wooden doors are more respected by people in the industry. They use a kind of wood, which is like a table, environmental protection, sound insulation, durability, and real wood build. This type of door is mainly to see the origin of wood species, manufacturers strength, brand reputation, paint quality, production processes. If you want to buy a white door, it is recommended to use the original wood door.

Kitchen door waterproof and moistureproof

The kitchen is full of water, there is an open flame and the oil is heavy. The ordinary wood is not waterproof, it is easy to catch fire, and it is extremely difficult to clean. Therefore, the kitchen is not suitable for installing wooden doors. So, how to choose the kitchen door?

Under normal circumstances, the kitchen must consider the permeability, waterproof moisture resistance and hermeticity. Therefore, the door with glass should be used, and the door with large glass should be used. The glass is preferably transparent. This will facilitate the exchanges between outsiders, and the most important thing is to separate the fumes and prevent fumes from leaking into the bedroom, living room, etc. to keep the interior clean and clean.

Some experts believe that the kitchen door is best made of metal doors such as aluminum doors. First of all, the aluminum alloy door is relatively strong, not easy to deform, waterproof and dampproof function is good, anti-deformation ability is strong, and the sealing performance is also very good; Second, the appearance is beautiful, the style is diversified; Moreover, the corrosion resistance is strong.

Bathroom door selection

Most of the bathroom is divided into two cases, one is a relatively large space and wet and dry zoning, the other is a relatively small space, dry and wet is not a good partition. In the first case, most of the dry areas are on the outside of the space, that is, at the entrance, and the wet area is relatively on the inside. You can choose any kind of door that suits your home's overall style. The second case is relatively common, there is only one bathroom, and the bathroom space is small, so the wet and dry zoning is not easy, and the door with strong waterproofing of the steel door and the door of the wood core on the steel plate surface can also be selected for waterproofing. But the style is not much, there is little room for choice.

In addition, the door of the study room should choose doors with good sound insulation, good light transmission, and strong design sense. For example, wooden doors with frosted glass with Oracle ornaments or ancient window edge patterns can produce ancient and elegant books. Rhyme.

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