There are six feng shui points in Baixing filial piety first elderly room decoration

With the changes of the times, society is changing. Human beings are developing. People have abandoned many traditional cultures and forgotten many old customs. However, the gratitude for parents has always been the same since ancient times. Parents used their life to raise us and grow up. There is no return. Now that they are old, we should give them a warm “home”. With the following Xiaobian to understand how to decorate the old man room, take a look at the six feng shui points of the old man room decoration!

Hundred filial piety is the first old man's room decorated with six feng shui points

First, the location of the elderly room

After the elderly were old, most of them did not sleep well and their spirits were weak. They needed a quiet environment for self-cultivation and self-cultivation. Therefore, elderly homes should not be located in the central part of the room or where family activities are frequent, so as not to affect the rest of the elderly.

The old man's room is suitable for arrangement in sunny places in the southeast and south, warm and sunny are the elements needed by the old man. The old man's bedroom is arranged in a south-facing direction. The first sunlight in the morning is shot into the room, which can bring fresh air and vitality, which is good for the health of the elderly.

From a convenient point of view, elderly homes should be close to the toilet to facilitate their use of the toilet.

Second, the decorative color of the elderly room

The color of the elderly room should be light and elegant as the first choice, avoid the color is too strong or too cold.

After the old people experienced the ups and downs of their lives, most of them wanted to calmly settle in their old age. The calm, serene and peaceful colors are more suitable for the elderly. Therefore, the color of the elderly room should not be too strong, so as not to stimulate the nerves of the elderly and is not conducive to their health. Too cold and dark colors will deepen the loneliness of the elderly. Living in the psychological state of loneliness and depression for a long time will certainly have a serious impact. The health of the elderly.

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