Buy a house decoration Note: Seven need to avoid home Feng Shui

The ancients said: “The house is a body with a situation of springs, blood with springs, skin with flesh, vegetation with hairs, homes with houses as clothes, and portals with crowns. If it is such a thing, it is a matter of elegance, but it is for Shangji. "This is an ancient person's humanization of residences, which shows that the pattern is well-matched, and it is very important for both the home and the people. Why do some houses feel refreshed when they walk in, while others feel dejected and restless? This lies in the difference between the advantages and disadvantages of the pattern. The spacious, fair and square layout of the four parties is the best choice for home living. The following types of homes are to be avoided.

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One, the door is facing the elevator or the stairs

This is a crime, originally home is a gas gathering place, and now with the elevator, stairs straight to the home of the anger is to absorb it, can be described as taboo.

The rule of remedy is to use screens or entrances to separate doors.

Second, the door and the balcony in a straight line

This situation needs to be separated by screens or entrances, because the front and rear are transparent, allowing you to see through the gates and balconies at a glance. Jinyun: “After passing through the front and passing through, people’s finances are empty.” And it’s easy to get sick if you move through the hall.

Third, the entrance to the long corridor

This is also a rush. The longer the corridor, the more unfavorable it is to the home. This is called the pattern of passing the sword. If there is no screen barrier in the door, it is not appropriate to live.

Fourth, the window of the house is outside the corridor

This is a pattern of discouragement. The privacy of residential buildings is no longer there and it is not good for homes. In addition, there are too many windows in the house to be discouraged. If there are too few windows in the house, then there will be less anger. They are all bad and should be changed.

Fifth, the door is facing the toilet door

Imagine if a person sees the toilet when they enter the house. What is the function of the house? In addition, the sleeping room door and toilet door can not be right, the bedroom and the bedroom door can not be right, these are guilty of the door rush.

6. There are beams in the house, living room or dining room

If you have a beam, remember that you cannot suppress the bed and seat, and the ceiling should not be low.

7. There are too many sharp corners in the house

Many modern high-rise residential living rooms are diamond-shaped and often have sharp corners. This not only has a hernia but also makes the living room lose harmony and unity. If this happens, it is advisable to add wood cabinets or low cabinets to the empty corners. If you do not want to put a wooden cabinet, you can put a pot of tall, dense evergreen plants in a sharp corner, which can also reduce the influence of sharp corners on Feng Shui in the living room.

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