Junhong company carried out 2017 Qingyuan development training and tourism series activities(II)

On the morning of the second day, we went to the original eco-vineyards for delicious and interesting "grape picking activities".

The vineyard is beautiful and has a wide variety of shades. In this harvest season, the vineyard is full of colorful flowers, we had a good time in the vineyard.



After lunch, we came to the king of Qingyuan drift - Wong Teng Gorge Warriors drift!


Not only we can feel the drifting process pleasure in whole process, but also enjoy the cozy scenery. In the beautiful scenery of nature, we can enjoy ourselves.

After two days of expansion training and travel activities, we experience the joy of dedication, collaboration and courage.

Everyone deeply felt the power of "responsibility, collaboration, self-confidence", and the responsibility of being a member of the team!


Under the tense work and pressure, Dongguan Junhong company employees close to nature, feel the green mountains and rivers, flying mind, then to improve work efficiency. To mobilize the enthusiasm and enthusiasm of employee.It will provide a solid corporate culture for the company's humanities and sustainable development.