There are four major mistakes in the renovation of old houses to beware of

Nowadays in the hot and cold second-hand housing sales, led the second-hand housing decoration tide. At the beginning of spring, it also ushered in a furious renovation boom. In the decoration, the old room should pay attention to the following misunderstandings, and initially understand the classic "cheats" in the prison cell decoration.

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Old house cheaper than new home renovation

Many owners believe that the decoration of the old house is not too complex, simple installation on the line, certainly cheaper than the new home decoration, and the market price of the old house decoration package looks very cheap. Therefore, once the total price of the old house decoration is higher than expected, they feel that the company is suspected of adding items.

We all feel that the old houses are cheap to decorate, mainly because the old houses are usually small, and the total price seems to sound even less; the old house decoration packages on the market are also mainly small-sized ones, which differ from the area of ​​new home packages, and others In order to attract customers, the decoration company reduced some of the demolition costs within the package. In fact, the cost of an old house for basic decoration is usually about 15% higher than a new house with the same area, because the old house needs to be removed and remodeled more than the new house.

Over time, the original basic decoration of the old house was mostly obsolete and lagging behind. For example, the original window is an iron window, which has been rusted, deformed, and has a serious air leakage. It needs to be replaced with a plastic window or a broken aluminum window. The original base material is relatively poor, and 821 putty is used, or even scraping. After removing the original basement layer, it is necessary to level and re-scrape the putty to be able to paint. Some houses with older houses have serious aging of the water circuit and need hydropower reforms.

Misunderstanding two

Partial renovation is simpler than complete renovation

Some owners just want to change the cabinet or change the color of the wall paint. What they can't figure out is: I'll give the house a partial beauty. It's certainly much simpler than the overall decoration. The brand decoration company is not willing to accept the decoration. ?

For the brand decoration company, partial renovation is a more difficult task than overall renovation. First of all, in a space where there is already a lot of "obstacles," construction is definitely more difficult than anything else. Secondly, other areas and items in the home must be protected. Care must be taken when constructing. Workers are inevitably missing. If the bumps are still valuables, there may be more compensation than wages, but sometimes owners have to live in the house. It is easy to create a poor definition of responsibility. Partial refurbishment will also bring a chain reaction, such as changing the toilet, but the original waterproof layer may be damaged to be redone, and the ground connection part of other spaces in the bathroom will also need to be reconnected. It seems that partial renovation is more troublesome than overall renovation. It is also reasonable for some brand companies to appropriately control the amount of orders in this section.

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