Building materials purchase: three major points to buy plate furniture

Recently, due to the high increase in solid wood furniture, many people turned their attention to the simple style of furniture, but suddenly found that the price of fashion is expensive, looking at only a few pieces of plate furniture, the price is Hundreds to tens of thousands of yuan, how to choose, so many people are angered endlessly.

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The price difference is surprising

'The elders at home said that they wanted to buy solid wood furniture. They were strong and durable, but when I went to the furniture city to see it, I was dumbfounded. The solid wood furniture was already not the price of my parents' time. If my budget was not enough, I would go to Kanban furniture. ' Xiao Xia, who wanted to catch up with her new home before the end of the year, has recently been struggling all day to pick up furniture.

Who knows that plate furniture is not good to choose. In my opinion, panel furniture is much more beautiful than solid wood furniture. But isn't it just a few synthetic panels? Why is the price so much different? Every promoter is talking head and head. I don't even know who to listen to.

The reporter went to the furniture market to stroll around, a set of furniture in a shop offer 6,680 yuan, this price is not far away in another shop is not even a wardrobe can not afford, just a wardrobe, asking price up to 12,980 yuan, can Comparing with solid wood furniture. Plate furniture prices as low as several hundred dollars, as high as 10,000 yuan, uneven prices, materials and workmanship are also quite different, it is indeed a bad start.

Plate home with three expensive

The general manager of Mao Furniture Store in Oriental Plaza, which has been engaged in the sales of furniture for more than a decade, introduced: 'The board type home has three nobles - design, materials and processing. '

Apart from the design, plate furniture also has the advantages and disadvantages of materials. The price of panel-wood panel furniture is the highest, followed by the price of coated wood veneer plus the price of painting, and the price of melamine-coated paper is again the lowest. And each kind of plate has the difference of the high and low price, the price of hardware, glue and paint is also very big, one account counts down, the difference of the raw material price alone is no longer a decimal.

The processing technology of plate furniture also has a world of difference. The cost of hand-sealing is low, and the small workshops only need 200,000 to 300,000 of edge-sealing machines, while large-scale enterprises need to invest 2,000 to 30 million in machine-edge production lines. Coupled with the bonding process, the price of the same panel furniture with a different set of materials can differ by several times.

Although the continuous increase in the price of logs has affected the price of flat furniture panels, the price has shown a certain lag, and the brand manufacturers are constantly improving the design, production of materials and processing technology. There is currently no major fluctuation in the prices of flat furniture.

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