Four methods teach you to choose a practical and comfortable shower

The shower is an indispensable part of the bathroom, but the shower is also very selective. Xiao Bian introduced the four methods for selecting showers today, which will make you more comfortable and comfortable in selecting and using.

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1, the water way

A variety of water-dispensing methods are no longer the patents for advanced showers, but gradually spread to ordinary shower brands. A shower is usually equipped with four types of water outlets, the following are the most common types: First, the basic shower water flow shower; Second, rain type, continuous water dribble; Third, massage, strong and powerful spray, Continue to pour, so that the body is relaxed; Fourth, caress, continuous and small stream; Fifth, a single-style, a concentration of water column. The adjustment method is very simple. You can switch the water freely by pressing the small handle on the shower or turning the shower head directly.

2, constant temperature, water-saving features

Every bath needs to re-adjust the water temperature? This is too much trouble! Now many showers are equipped with a constant temperature device, not only can control the temperature, but also use the metal ball valve to help you "remember" the appropriate temperature, when you choose a water temperature will It is fixed and the water temperature will remain constant in each subsequent bath. The shower allows easy control of water temperature and flow, and it also protects the elderly and children from bathing.

The appearance of this device is the same as that of a common faucet switch, and it is equipped with a hot water controller to control the inflow of hot water into the mixing tank, so that the hot water can be quickly and accurately discharged, which can save water and heat energy. In other words, while the water temperature is being memorized, the amount of water can be adjusted, and the maximum water saving effect is 50% without affecting the effect of water discharge.

3, self-cleaning

In traditional showers, the outlets of the showers are usually stored in the inside. However, there is a style on the market. On the contrary, the designer boldly exposes the outlet holes, and the texture of the rubber is hard to touch. According to reports, on the one hand, this design is more convenient for cleaning, and can be cleaned with hands and cloth; on the other hand, the water hole is prominent and the shower water will be more natural. In addition, some showers have the function of self-cleaning. When the water is sprayed, the cleaning needle will automatically clean the sediment of the outlet, but the price is more expensive than the ordinary shower.

4, the details of the accessories

The shower head directly affects the texture of the water, while the shower accessories will affect the comfort of use. Some brands of water pipes and lifting rods are particularly flexible. The hoses and wires are resistant to bending. The joints are also provided with anti-twist ball bearings. Even if you dance while bathing, the water pipes will not "fight"; It is easy to rotate the controller vertically or horizontally.

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