Five ways to remedy home improvement defects

There is no perfect person or thing to say in this world. A girl who was very beautiful and looks very perfect in all respects, but it was a dumb one; on a Sunday, all the appointments were made to play cards. Everyone had a chance to do something, resulting in three things missing. The embarrassing situation; home improvement is clearly very good, everything is in accordance with their own plans, but once completed will always find some of the shortcomings. However, the lack of home improvement can be remedied. Here are five simple things to introduce.

Blue Ocean Home Decoration

Lack of regret 1 : the color of the wall is too messy remedy: pure color furniture to dilute

Young people like to show their individuality. The decoration of houses is also bold. They often use a wide range of colors on the wall. Citizen Li Zhenping's newly renovated house is colorful and very avant-garde. But he didn't feel like he was a bit puzzled when he was staying in. It would feel dizzy when he stayed at home for a long time. Later, after communicating with netizens, I learned that it was the color of the wall.

But the wall has been painted like a mottled shape, how to remedy?

The clutter of decoration is a problem encountered by many young people. In fact, it is not difficult to think of remedy. Just with solid furniture, such as white wood and natural wood, it can have visual and neutral effects. In fact, the white wall is the safest, white has natural, comfortable, soft features, but also easy to match with other household items.

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