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As people's aquatic products are increasingly improving, people's requirements for comfort in family life are also increasing. The variety of electrical products that come with it facilitates human life while also occupying a lot of space. For this reason, more and more multi-functional electrical appliances have entered people's lives. Water heaters are one of them. With the passage of time, the types of water heaters have increased, and the purchase of water heaters has brought many problems.

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First off safety performance

Hubei Province just happened in her husband's electric water heater. Her husband died of electric shock and his wife died. His wife tried to get justice, and she lost three of four trials. After five years of rights protection, she eventually received compensation for 11 million yuan.

According to the inspection by the staff of the Technical Supervision Bureau, the cause of the accident was a live electrical line and the water heater itself was not defective. The direct cause of the ground electrification is the short circuit between the live line and the ground wire buried between the meter boxes on the third floor to the fifth floor of the unit building, and the poor grounding of the ground wire leads to electrification of the ground wire, which in turn causes accidents.

Similar incidents have occurred in Changsha, Beijing, Shijiazhuang, and other places. The common point is that the products themselves are qualified, and the causes of the accidents are caused by grounding. There are many reasons for charging the ground. As the number of home appliances gradually increases, the actual electricity load in residents' homes far exceeds the original reported loading capacity and the safe ampacity of the incoming line. However, users do not go to the power supply department to handle the capacity increase and rectification procedures in time, which often leads to burnout of the wire insulation layer. The protective grounding wire is connected to the phase wire and charged. In addition, the use of low-quality switch sockets, private cables, and non-standard renovations may lead to electrification on the ground.

Experts remind that: The key to safety lies in the upgrading of water heater technology by manufacturers. For example, the most advanced “anti-electric wall” technology in the water heater industry effectively solves the problem of environmental leakage. Even if the electric water heater is used in an unsafe electrical environment such as "grounded power", the "wall protection" technology can ensure the safety of users. Consumers should pay attention to it from the time of purchase, and try to choose Haier, Siemens, Ariston and other well-known technology of electric water heater brand, the big brand not only has excellent technology and product quality, but also provide good after-sales service.

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