Home Improvement Hydropower Engineering Acceptance Knowledge

In home decoration, water and electricity acceptance is the most important. Because if the hydropower does not do a good job, it is not good to rectify, and secondly, it may lead to safety accidents. Therefore, hydropower should not be taken seriously in acceptance. The common sense of acceptance of these hydropower projects may wish to learn and learn!

1, water pipes: galvanized pipe teeth less than 8 teeth, raw material with more than 6 winding wrapped tightly, not rotten teeth. Plastic pipe or aluminum plastic pipe Note that the installation of special tools, in strict accordance with the provisions of the operation, the final pressure test (pressure test is greater than 24 hours).

2. Pay attention to the discharge of water pipes from the wall. Do not leave the floor, under the floor tiles, or at high altitude. If you must go to the floor and floor tiles, the installation of the water pipes must be straight and no joints are allowed. The valves should be installed on the ground. The water inlet pipes of the buckets should be equipped with triangular valves.

3, electrical circuit emissions, in addition to hollow floor, but also to wear the pipe, such as the use of PVC pipe, the wall thickness of not less than 1.2mm. The electric circuit discharges the wall body and does not go under the floor or the floor tile.

4, gas (natural gas) to use the bright tube, control slope, joints to use thick white linen paint, do not use raw materials, but also to test gas.

5. In the end, don’t forget to let the construction team leave the wiring diagrams, especially the dark lines. Be sure to leave accurate electrical wiring diagrams in case you need urgent repairs.

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