Recognize Marking Optional Wires

There are a wide variety of building materials. At present, there are many kinds of wires on the market, many specifications, and prices are chaotic. It is very difficult for consumers to choose. When the home decoration line was purchased, the so-called “factory marking” was purchased because of the cheapness of the plan. As a result, the poor quality electric wire caused a fire soon after use.

Ms. Wang purchased a second-hand house. During the renovation of the home-purchased cable, the store salesperson recommended Ms. Wang a "plant marking line" that was relatively inexpensive. Shortly after the house was installed, Ms. Wang rented the house to two young people. One afternoon this year, when the renters were cooking with rice cookers, they discovered that the wires on the kitchen wall caught fire. The two hurriedly pulled down the switch and put out the fire. Fortunately, they found it timely and did not cause much damage.

Cable can be wire

According to the examination of the electrical room of the City Quality Inspection Institute, the so-called “plant marking” purchased by Ms. Wang did not comply with the national standard. The main cause of the fire was a relatively thin copper wire and a large electrical power, resulting in high resistance and heat in the wire insulation layer. Fire caused.

Coincidentally. Recently, the citizen Mr. Liu is also worrying about the "factory mark." Mr. Liu recently bought an air conditioner and had to install additional air conditioners. In a shop in an urban area, sales staff recommended a wire with a copper core cross-section of 6 mm2. "Isn't there any manufacturer or specification for wires?" Mr. Liu looked up at a wire without any marks. "This is the factory marking line. There is a label in a batch of goods. There is no label for selling a single line," the salesman said. Despite doubts, Mr. Liu purchased this "factory mark."

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