Renovation market "dirty" more implicit remind consumers to purchase need to be careful

In the process of renovation, there will be a lot of unexpected situations that you may not be able to follow. Let's go along with the pace of Xiaobian to see the "funny" phenomenon in the decoration process.

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Unrealistic publicity needs to be watched, extra charges are charged

Many consumers who plan to invite home improvement companies to decorate their homes have found that some home improvement companies offer very cheap decoration, and some are even cheaper than they think. For example, if a new house is renovated, according to the standard of 100 square meters, the general home improvement company will provide a quotation of 4,500 to 800,000 yuan for the company, but it also provides a design proposal and also provides decoration materials. List, some home improvement companies can offer decoration as low as 30,000 yuan, or even lower. For consumers, for a small company or an unknown small company, it can seem like it can save money by tens of thousands of yuan, compared with other companies' decoration materials. Consumers who do not know the truth often plan to sign a decoration contract with them. There will be many additional costs during the renovation process.

Ms. Lee has just started renovations for two days. Ms. Li was told by the decoration company that the decoration costs in the contract did not include the glue at the door, window, etc., the bracket behind the ceiling, and the waterproof treatment after the bathroom tiles. Will be affected. As a result, Ms. Li had to hand over the “extra” renovation fee to the home improvement company. In this development, Ms. Li not only did not save money, but also spent more than 3,000 yuan. In an interview, the reporter found that consumers who encountered such hidden consumption traps were not just Ms. Li. Many home improvement companies ostensibly offered low-cost decoration for consumers, but they were not noticed in accessories and details. Local "find Qi".

Package with a mystery, it may not look good

"203 yuan / square meter, 299 yuan / square meter, 310 yuan / square meter ... ..." as the daily home decoration of the people, this price looks really attractive. Because from an intuitive point of view, even if the 100 square meters of the house, a new decoration is only 23,000 yuan, not to mention the business claimed to use or environmental protection brand-name products. However, where consumers would think, this seemingly “transparent”, affordable, and hassle-free renovation package is not as simple as it actually is.

In the interview, several consumers who had experienced consumer experience felt quite a bit about it. Ms. Wang told the author: “I chose a package of 288 yuan, which also costs 28,800 yuan for 100 square meters. I thought that even if I made some margin, 30,000 yuan is enough. But after construction, I discovered that many projects are like water. Circuit reconstruction, installation of doors and windows, lighting, garbage removal, etc. are all subject to additional charges, and some items are not added or not, so in the end I spent about 50,000 yuan to achieve the basic decoration effect." Other consumption The authors also stated that the selection of this pricing package was originally intended for economical and peace of mind, but the results are often counterproductive.

Different levels of construction, "little tricks" hard to find

At present, the decoration market has been gradually standardized, but in the specific implementation process of the decoration, the level of the specific operator affects the quality of the company's decoration. This is a real problem. Because consumers know very little about the professional knowledge of decorating, they are often unaware of the situation when construction workers report the required items.

For example, there are many construction workers who are rushing to do their jobs. Usually the slusher performs the first phase of construction first, then the woodworking enters the field, and according to the blockboards used to make furniture, the usage of two rooms and one room is calculated. Around ten boards, if multiple parts of the carpenter work at the same time, he often “sets” so that the amount on the surface doesn’t increase, but the woodworker can save two or three boards from it to the market retail price of each board. About 100 yuan calculation, carpentry can benefit from 300 yuan, and such hidden expenses consumers are in any case not aware of.

In the decoration process, consumers most easily overlooked are some low-value consumables, such as wall paints, furniture paints, furniture rails, etc. These materials are not of great value in terms of unit price, and the construction personnel follow the actual area. Calculating the amount of use, it can be said that the leak does not leak, can not pick a little fault. In the production of furniture paint, if the consumer is not, painters will often go a few times less paint, especially the current popular water paint furniture, if consumers are not insiders, it is absolutely invisible, has been to use Many years later it will not be noticed. The extra paint will often be transferred to other construction sites. Once a painter removes the paint from his company, it is his “new profit growth point”. This kind of trick, the general supervision is also very difficult Found that it is so highly concealed.

Experts advise: decoration contract is an important rights certificate

Industry insiders remind consumers that when choosing a decoration company, do not rely on the promises and advertisements of the decoration company's verbal business. They are attracted by various promotions and so-called “low prices”, and should fully consider the company’s brand, comprehensive strength and reputation, and sign a complete The decoration contract is the best weapon for human rights protection. The relevant provisions stipulate that the more detailed the better, do not be afraid of trouble. After the contract is drawn up, consumers need to carefully read every detail, such as whether the contract body is clear, whether the rights and obligations are clear, whether there is an increase or decrease to join the contract, etc., so as to avoid subsequent omissions due to certain terms, and the decoration company's dispute.

Renovation is different from other service industries in that there are many variables in the construction process, such as increasing or decreasing materials, changing projects, or changing the original design plan. Consumers must write these contents into the contract so as to avoid disputes due to lack of Adequate evidence makes him in a passive position.

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