Teamwork mode drives the transformation and upgrading of South Cement in Jiaxing

Affected by the financial crisis, in the context of the slowdown in the pace of construction in many parts of the country, good news came from Jiaxing South Cement Co., Ltd.: This year, the company’s sales revenue was almost equal to 5 billion yuan, and profits and taxes exceeded 1 billion yuan. Behind the improvement in sales is the result of the large-scale restructuring and reorganization of enterprises through regional and energy saving and consumption reduction.

The "Three Lions" brand cement has a certain reputation in Jiaxing and surrounding areas. In 2009, after reorganizing into Jiaxing South Cement Co., Ltd., Jiaxing South Hunan Cement Co., Ltd. set off an energy-saving and consumption-lowering boom: investing more than 10 million yuan. Yuan increased energy-saving and emission-reducing equipment such as dust collectors and dust collectors, vigorously introduced technological transformation projects, conducted technical contests among its employees, and invested more than 6.7 million yuan to renovate the surrounding roads of enterprises. The company injected energy-saving and environmental protection details into each channel. In the production process. The huge amount of money paid for the company brought a huge return: The company's cement production surged from 920,000 tons in 2009 to 1.6 million tons this year, sales increased from 199 million yuan to more than 600 million yuan, a net profit of 4500 More than ten thousand yuan. "The effect of energy conservation and emission reduction is very obvious." Shen Yuanming, the head of the company, is pleased to say that if the electricity is used, the original production of 1 ton of cement used 35.38 kWh of electricity, and after the technical reform, this figure has decreased by nearly 3 kWh. This company can reduce costs by more than 330 million a year.

Among the 15 companies affiliated to Jiaxing South Cement Co., Ltd., it is not uncommon to see examples such as the South Green Cement Co., Ltd., which are environmentally friendly and profitable. The cement industry is a long-standing but not strong issue. There are more than 4,600 large and small cement plants in the country. In the coastal areas of Jiaxing City, cement plants have low concentration and vicious competition. In 2009, through large-scale joint reorganization, 15 cement production and ready-mixed concrete and pipe pile companies including Jiaxing City's original “buds” and “tongxing” were integrated into Jiaxing South Cement Co., Ltd.. The "1+15" restructuring model achieves a high level of integration in production, management, and sales. The original 15 companies had 12 brands. The decentralized brands weakened their respective market share. After the reorganization, the company converted all the brands to the “South” brand at a one-time basis, which laid the foundation for internal quality and external services. In order to ensure quality, the company also set up laboratories to conduct random inspections on member units. In terms of raw material procurement, marketing, etc., the reorganization also showed a clear agglomeration effect, achieving the complementary advantages of talent, technology, and facilities.

Improving the sustainable development capability of enterprises, saving energy and reducing consumption, and improving profitability are the keys. Over the past few years, Jiaxing South Cement Co., Ltd. has intensified its technological transformation efforts. In the first half of this year, companies completed nearly 30 large- and small-scale technical transformation projects, and achieved an annual profit of 12 million yuan, greatly improving and improving the efficiency of equipment use. At the same time, by eliminating outdated production capacity and adopting new energy-saving and environmental protection technologies and advanced technological equipment, the utilization rate of resources has also been increased. After the introduction of cement kiln low-temperature waste heat power generation technology at Tongxiang, Heshan, and Anji South, the technical renovation project uses heat for the year. The power generation reached 83 million kilowatt-hours, which produced significant economic and social benefits.