Central as a ceramic brand to leave the industry to the public "open road"

Central as a ceramic brand to leave the industry to the public "open road" When the industry fell into a slump in overall sales in 2011, sales of most small and medium-sized enterprises fell. In sharp contrast to this, big brands in the industry rely on strong terminal support. Consumer spending and product sales have not decreased but have risen.

In front of the dilemma company is a topic of transition, and the topic in front of the big brands whose sales situation is not affected by the overall market environment is also a transition, but the former is a transformation of the production model, and the latter is a transformation of the brand building model.

How to transform the production model is not done here. How the brand model is transformed, the answers given by the industry's major brands in recent years are almost the same: from the transformation of the industry brand to the public brand, increasing the social awareness of the brand and even the entire industry. To achieve this transformation, it has become necessary to join forces with the most authoritative media platform.

"Believe in the power of the brand" - CCTV has become the first choice for companies that are determined to be popular brands.

With the strong rise of Nobel ceramic tile, the industry's first company to join hands with CCTV to promote its brand, the industry has begun to join hands with CCTV. Today, nearly 20 brands have been promoted by CCTV in the industry each year. However, only a few of these companies are genuinely determined to promote brands into mass brands. The biggest starting point for more brands still remains for investment promotion or forcing. In response to the pressure from distributors, it is still a long way to go for the popularization of branding in the ceramic tile industry, as opposed to the most common branding model for the sanitary industry in the industry.

In recent years, with the continuous improvement of its own construction, more and more ceramic brands have chosen CCTV to promote their brands. “Together with CCTV” has also become the key to the company’s own value. The picture shows the words “Hand in hand CCTV” on the roof of the building of a ceramics company in China.

The real terminal experienced the explosive growth of the industry's capacity in 2009. Since 2010, under the influence of various unfavorable environments, sales in the ceramics industry have gradually shown a downward trend. When industry companies have reduced their expenditures, Dongpeng Ceramics has made great moves. Repeatedly. Following Dong Peng’s press conference in Beijing on April 25, officially signing ice champion gold medals and winter Olympic champions Shen Xue and Zhao Hongbo as their spokesmen for the image, they again launched a heavy attack in May and entered CCTV’s gold resources, signing CCTV CCTV- 1 "News News" prompts to watch the tender section resources to help upgrade the brand.

He Xinming, chairman and president of Dongpeng, stated that the first goal of Dongpeng Ceramics' establishment of the brand was to “create the first brand of China’s Jiantao”. In 2009, Dongpeng brand value was already ahead of the ceramic tile industry, and Dongpeng was to enter. One of the goals of the second take-off was to make the Dongpeng brand a popular brand and make progress toward internationally-renowned brands.

Before Dongpeng, the brand had already landed on CCTV, using the most extensive public TV media in China to enter the “consumer” terminal.

It is understood that as early as 2001 in Hangzhou Nobel ceramic tile advertising has appeared on top of CCTV, has become the industry's first "on top" CCTV brand tile companies. As a foreign-funded enterprise, Nobel ceramic tile sales and market share ranked first among national counterparts for seven consecutive years from 2003 to 2009. The national tax turned over to the country has also ranked first in the country for five consecutive years from 2005, becoming the highest grade in China. The leading brand of tiles.

In recent years, with the continuous rise of Foshan ceramics brand, a large number of outstanding ceramic companies have taken root and grown up in Foshan. Foshan ceramics has no doubt become a representative of Chinese ceramics. It is in this environment that a large number of Foshan ceramic brands are opened. The journey of the brand to leave the industry and to the public has become the first choice of these brands.

According to the data provided by CCTV-Soffurui Media Research Co., Ltd., the number of advertisements for tile brands to CCTV reached 20 in 2009, and the total amount of advertisements for the year exceeded RMB 41 million, ranking the top three brands of tile brands. The investment amounts of Zhuhai, Marco Polo, and Summit have all exceeded 8 million yuan. The first ceramic tile Nobel ceramic tile that used to eat CCTV crabs did not diminish its style. It was still the main force for the advertising of CCTV ceramics companies. More than 7.6 million yuan.

Inconclusive brand-model ceramic products are not fast-moving consumer goods. The ceramics industry, as a low-interest-oriented industry, has reported that the industry’s low-representation industry brands, such as the ceramic industry, have low returns for mass media propaganda. With the development of the industry, brand promotion in CCTV is also an action in recent years. It is also through similar actions that the industry is gradually using the public brand model to operate ceramic brand operations.

In general, ceramic brands can increase brand awareness through the use of industry media, outdoor advertising, and online promotion, which can play a significant role in attracting brands and expanding industry influence. However, brands do not join hands with high-end, authoritative media and influence brands. No qualitative improvement is always available. In recent years, ceramic brands represented by Dongpeng have achieved remarkable results through advertising in CCTV. The confidence of other brands in the industry through CCTV's promotion of brand influence has risen to the top.

However, CCTV is not suitable for any brand or company at any stage of development. Successful CCTV promotion is often the right thing for the right brand to do at the right time. In general, the CCTV promotion in the ceramics industry generally has the following modes:

Achieving eagerness The quality of building ceramic brand outlets, terminal coverage, and the quality of the brand team are prerequisites for whether or not CCTV can carry out brand promotion. The promotion cost of CCTV is huge, so in terms of brand positioning, only high-end brands can afford it. The promotion model for mid-end brands is more suitable for the Internet.

CCTV's audience is a national audience. The more terminal outlets in the process of brand promotion, the greater the beneficiary area for promotion. If the brand is not even a few parts of the area, there are no stores or the construction of the store is not perfect, for the audience of these regions. CCTV promotion will produce "ad waste".

CCTV brand promotion, no matter what the terminal store image of any region should be consistent with CCTV brand advertising image, so that it will not make consumers have a brand rebellious mentality, only to be "real" to carry out CCTV brand promotion.

In 2007, Gold rudder ceramic brand advertising entered the audience's attention. At that time, the Internet was not as developed as it is now. CCTV's authority is still very large. The brand promotion measures have aroused great repercussions within the industry. However, after the company considered that brand building still needs improvement, CCTV's promotion measures were suspended.

Referring to the "impulse" behavior of the year, Ye Jianguo, director of the marketing department of the Gold Rudder Ceramics Group, said that choosing CCTV to carry out brand promotion is a brand with well-developed terminal outlets, strong local sales, and high customer loyalty. Having experienced past glory, Golden Helm Company must face the rise of the rising star of the industry. Although the company has made remarkable achievements in recent years, for now, the golden rudder is in the second rising period of the brand. The work focus is still on products, channels, services, etc., so for the time being there is no condition for CCTV to carry out brand promotion. However, the development of the company is of a phased nature, so the possibility of re-cooperation with CCTV in the future cannot be ruled out.

In recent years, gold rudder ceramics in the branding period have been greatly promoted in brand promotion, marketing and team building. However, these tasks are only basic work for brand building. With the launch of the new base of the group, the company’s products The structure has been greatly improved, and there is still a series of work to be completed in the later period.

“In the future, we will not rule out the possibility of boarding CCTV once again for brand promotion.” Ye Jianguo stressed that in the future for a long period of time, the focus of the Golden Rudder will be on the construction of terminal stores, and the future will be in the terminal. There is still a long way to go in terms of image, channel construction, and improvement of dealer quality.

Xu Andu's brand cooperated with CCTV for advertising. The increase in dealer confidence was the most significant effect. The most direct way to enhance dealer confidence was to increase the shipment of ceramic products and their investment in their own showrooms. Strength.

At the same time, even if the brand sales did not achieve qualitative improvement is also worthy of recognition for the enterprise, because the advertising effect on the pull of sales is often lagging behind, in this process the company harvest is the accumulation of brand intangible assets, this brand accumulation will be The intentional consumer groups and engineering customers have a significant influence on the purchase of products.

In 2009, the basic construction of the three major brand terminal investment, brand promotion, product structure, etc. of the generals ceramics, Chang'an ceramics, and Shen Yun ceramics of the general companies have been improved. In order to increase brand awareness, the generals launched the CCTV commercials in the third quarter of the same year. , and received strong response from the market.

However, after a short quarter of CCTV’s promotion, the generals temporarily suspended the model.

“The promotion of CCTV in a short period of one quarter is very significant for the company's promotion.” Li Honggang, General Manager of General Market Department of Gaoyao General Ceramics Co., Ltd. stated that the general ceramics company has been highly recognized by the market since its establishment. In recent years, various brands have achieved remarkable results, product structure has been continuously improved, terminal store coverage gradually completed, coupled with the overall market conditions in 2009 is good, many first-tier cities dealers need headquarters support, the headquarters selected to CCTV brand promotion The land has increased the confidence of distributors in sales, so that it will increase a lot in terms of both the investment in stores and the expansion of distributors. These practices have greatly promoted the sales of brands.

“The development of enterprises has a phased nature. In 2010 and 2011, general enterprises chose to remain silent after the CCTV promotion achieved an ideal harvest. The reason is that the development of the enterprise has reached a completely new stage.” Li Honggang stated that at present, the key work of the general enterprises remains On the product system upgrade, channel expansion, dealer store beautification upgrade, follow-up services, advertising image of the new upgrade, the completion of these tasks may take about a year and a half of the cycle. The company needs to obtain a brand-new upgrade in terms of products, investment, services, etc., including new brand green apples and the launch of new products such as underglaze and microcrystalline stones. The completion of these tasks requires a complete accumulation process. In the past two years, the company chose to focus on basic work. After the new product is mature and the new brand is on the right track, the company will consider choosing to re-enter the CCTV platform in 2012 to inject new impetus into the development of the company.

In addition to setting up a complete terminal distribution network and expecting the transition from the industrial brand to the popular brand, the ceramic brand launched by ceramics and the multinational brand will be established in the country, relying on the company’s original reputation and distribution network. Received a high degree of attention, at this time with the CCTV platform to promote the investment will play a "step ahead" role; if the brand is launched by the new company, there is no market base, blindly choose to promote CCTV, this practice is in the building materials industry Almost nothing.

Therefore, compared to the old companies and brands that have completed the construction of dealer networks, the launch of new brands of ceramic companies or the settlement of multinational brands in China has made this type of brand and CCTV more collaborative.

As a rising star of the industry, Louvre Nichai (Foshan) Ceramics Co., Ltd. was established in September 2009, but as a registered company of Louvre (International) Development Co., Ltd. in mainland China, Louvre Palace Ceramics has been relying on the headquarters since its establishment. The original popularity gained great attention from the industry, and the terminal construction also achieved great success. Although there are many areas for improvement at present, its brand strategy and line has been very clear. The company has already made a strategic plan for CCTV advertising when the brand enters Greater China, so the brand has grown rapidly in 2010. At this stage, we firmly took the step of entering CCTV. In 2011, the execution of the CCTV advertising plan was only the implementation of the Louvre brand strategy.

According to Yang Hongbo, CEO of Louvre Ceramics Greater China, brand promotion is inseparable from the important concept of “systems”. Domestic brand promotion is relatively single-line, and more people see that others are doing it themselves, are blind, and lack system planning. Just as the Louvre began to promote brands with models from the autumn of 2009, from a thrilling sensation to a public brand emulation, we insist on our own route and are not afraid to be imitated or afraid to be chased because the unique brand effect of the Louvre is beyond the competencies of other brands. . At present, our company's work focuses on product innovation and R&D and channel construction. The upgrading of the terminal system and the creation of an e-commerce platform are the top priorities.

Yang Hongbo stated that the Louvre and CCTV have a long-term plan. The overall planning and investment for several years are also unwavering. The company will periodically implement multi-column, high-frequency advertising cooperation with CCTV. The current third-phase advertisements are in progress. We hope to strengthen the image of the Louvre Palace as an international high-end brand through the authority and popularity of CCTV.

Accumulated in recent years, the number of ceramic tile companies that choose to promote CCTV brand every year is around 20, which is very valuable for a large number of industries. However, among these companies, the total amount of the top five ads per year has already accounted for more than 60% of the total investment in ceramic tiles. According to data provided by CCTV-Sofori Media Research Co., Ltd., only in 2009 The total amount of the top five places in CCTV advertising accounted for 80% of the total sales of ceramic tile brands that year. This shows that the ceramic industry to CCTV advertising, in addition to really want to promote the brand as a popular brand, there are pressure from dealers and other aspects of the passive choice of CCTV delivery.

On April 16, 2010, Dongpeng held a grand opening of the "Dongpeng New VI Global Press Conference" at its headquarters. On April 25, Dongpeng held a press conference in Beijing to formally sign the ice championship and win the Olympic Winter Games. Shen Xue and Zhao Hongbo spoke for their image; in May, Dongpeng Ceramic Tiles again attacked heavily and entered CCTV's gold resources, signing CCTV's bidding resources.

It is understood that there are already thousands of Dongpeng tile terminal outlets at this time. At the same time, more than 1,500 five-star service stations have been established nationwide to provide customers with a full range of services. From the point of coverage of the outlets, Dongpeng Ceramic Tiles has completed the full coverage of the prefecture-level market, and the distribution of outlets has spread all over the country. The prelude to the implementation of the brand strategy from the industry brand to the public was officially opened.

According to Ma Junwu, deputy manager of Dongpeng Ceramic Marketing Department, at present, Dongpeng Ceramics can be described as nobody in the industry, no one does not know, brand status has also been widely recognized in the industry, in the Dongpeng brand status is highly stable Under the selection of CCTV brand promotion, the biggest starting point is to further enhance the influence of Dongpeng Ceramics in the mass groups. At this stage, Dongpeng’s work will focus on products. As a high-end brand, Dongpeng’s layout in the domestic first-tier and second-tier markets has been completed. In the future, it will continue to expand its existing advantages in channel construction, sinking channels to The 3rd and 4th grade cities cover the entire market with the best product, service and brand reputation.

It is understood that the cooperation between Dongpeng and CCTV generally takes three years as a cycle, and this plan is from 2010 to 2012. Ma Junwu said that for Dongpeng, CCTV promotion only played the role of icing on the cake, and the company’s own foundation, sound mechanism, standardized management, and perfect dealer network construction were the basic reasons for the rapid growth of the enterprise. This year the industry experienced an unprecedented downturn, but strictly speaking, the total sales of the industry still showed an upward trend, but the current scale of production capacity is unprecedented, the supply of ceramic products exceeds demand, the production capacity can not be fully digested, resulting in a lot of companies with insufficient personality Difficult enough. It is precisely in this situation that Dongpeng’s chances are even greater. At the same time, in order to allow dealers to see Dongpeng’s strength, this year the company has not reduced the scale of CCTV’s investment, but has also increased the input in this area. The fact that Dongpeng’s sales have grown at present proves that this move is very reasonable.

Expulsion is generally speaking, only the products with high frequency of consumption and replacement will become the products concerned by consumers. The attention of the building materials industry as an industry that consumers will only think of when new homes are renovated and old homes are refurbished is extremely important. low. Therefore, for a long period of time, the ceramics enterprises serve the dealers more. The ceramic brand can only be the brand of the ceramic industry and cannot become the brand of the public. This is never an industry like the ceramic industry. One of the reasons.

At present, under the severe sales situation in the industry, the sales of most SMEs have experienced different degrees of decline. The industry's big brands, supported by a complete terminal system, have not seen a decline in sales, but have had different degrees of sales growth. But behind the results, the big brands in the industry are facing the outside of the industry. The embarrassing situation of people knowing that the brand has gone out of the industry to the general public and transformed the industry brand into a public brand has become the most important issue facing the large enterprises in the industry.

For a long time, the promotion model of ceramic brands is not only self-promotion, but also relying on the media as the home channel of industry media and portal websites. The audiences of these communication channels are confined within the industry and they are determined to promote the brand to the public. For brand companies, the scope of these media channels is far from enough.

As a representative of the domestic television media, CCTV, which is authoritative and professional, has become the first choice for ceramic brands.

Choosing to cooperate with CCTV for brand promotion, no matter how short the corporate brand promotion time is, it is a huge expense for the company. Therefore, how to maximize its role is an issue worthy of research.

In general, industry companies and CCTV cooperate with CCTV to carry out brand promotion cooperation measures is to carry out large-scale promotion activities in the terminal, during this period, the brand can choose a larger terminal store to promote sales and cooperation, enlarge the influence of CCTV advertising through the promotion; The company can expand this information through various channels such as official websites, brochures, outdoor advertisements, online forums, and Weibo to achieve the effect of integrated communication.

According to reports, for the effectiveness of CCTV publicity, Dongpeng conducted a survey. Among the consumers visiting Dongpeng’s headquarters and purchasing products, more than 50% of them expressed that they had read Dongpeng’s advertisements in CCTV and stated that they did not Relatives and friends who are decorating intentions also know Dongpeng Ceramics. Relying on the CCTV platform, the brand's "running away" effect is more obvious.

As a low-interest industry on the road, whether the tile industry plans to march to the terminal, whether it be celebrity endorsements or CCTV promotion, is still in its infancy.

At present, more companies in the industry still remain on the “infrastructure” construction. How to upgrade a ceramic brand to a public brand, so that even if there is no demand for decoration, public consumers can become familiar with the ceramic brand, which is a problem facing the industry. With the cracking of the puzzle, the industry giant has taken a solid step.

Compared with companies in the industry who are still busy with the foundation of the enterprise, the leaders of the industry have achieved enviable results in the process of shifting the brand of the industry to popularity, but these achievements are in the same category as “big ceramics”. Compared to the sanitary ware industry, there is clearly a world of difference.

Sanitary companies have relatively low investment in ceramic tile production and relatively low barriers to entry. Therefore, the number of sanitary ware companies is huge, and there are production models for order processing. This requires large-scale publicity of the brand.

Ye Jianguo, chief marketing officer of Golden Rudder Ceramics Group, believes that sanitary products are products that are between durable goods and consumables, cost less than ceramic tiles, and have higher customer selectivity and arbitrariness. There is more room for brand selection, which determines that sanitary companies need to spend a lot of money to advertise on the mass media, in order to influence consumer choices. This is one reason why the sanitary ware industry is keen to celebrity endorsements, on a large scale. Consumers exert their influence on the characteristics of the sanitary ware industry; ceramic tile products cost more and have a longer life cycle. Consumers will not be easily replaced after the decoration is completed. The arbitrariness of choice is relatively small and often depends on the spread of word of mouth. This determines that the tile company will consider CCTV promotion only after establishing a perfect distribution network.

According to Ma Junwu, deputy manager of Dongpeng Ceramic Marketing, compared with the sanitary ware industry, examples of international multinational companies such as ToTo, American Standard, Kohler entering the Chinese market are rare, or there are multinational tile brands entering China but not big. Stronger, so the ceramic industry does not have the investment of large international brands generously attracted domestic companies to follow suit.

Li Honggang, general manager of the general enterprise marketing department, believes that sanitary ware products are single products compared to ceramic tile products and have their own complete functional features. They can be used without excessive space design. Tile products are semi-finished products, single pieces. The quality of tile products can not be determined, only through the second design can be used for space decoration, so tile products can not be implemented single product advertising, more is the brand advertising.

As far as popular brand promotion is concerned, the advantage of the ceramic tile industry is relatively weak, but only when the brand of the ceramic tile industry is made into a popular brand, the industry can embark on a virtuous cycle. The promotion of the brand together with CCTV is just popularization of the brand. One way, and this approach is expensive and not suitable for any business. Leading the development of the industry brand to the popular brand is not a matter within the industry leader. It also requires the joint efforts of the entire industry, and the methods and methods therein are worthy of consideration by the industry as a whole.