Kitchen decoration attention to more door hardware must be sophisticated

On the one hand, small kitchens should pay attention to complete functions, and they must also pay attention to maximizing the space utilization rate and fully allow the visual space to be broad. Put as many electrical appliances as possible into the cupboard, making the table look fresh. On the wall surface can be used to extend the sense of the mirror, you can use local art decentralized visual attention.

Hongfa Solid Wood Flooring Miki Li Cabinets

Between the floor cabinets and the wall cabinets is a place that can be fully utilized. It may be advisable to design a wall shelf to be installed here, to house all the dishes, cups, sauce bottles, shovels, spoons, etc., and avoid them from occupying the cabinets. Countertop space.

How much does the kitchenette cost?

How much is the price of a small kitchen decoration? Taking an area of ​​6 square meters as an example, if you choose a domestic kitchen, the higher grade price is generally around 2,000 yuan/constant meter (excluding electrical appliances, faucets, sinks, etc.), and the price of a whole set of kitchen is 10,000 yuan. Between 20,000 yuan; the price of pure imported kitchen is relatively high, may wish to consider some pure imported materials, domestic assembled small-sized whole kitchen, its price will be reduced a lot, 3 mil meters of the kitchen is only 20,000 the cheapest RMB 3 million or so, very cost-effective.

Head of household use experience:

The kitchen is very compact and the necessary cooking and storage functions can be achieved. In use, the countertops and stoves, hood cleaning is very convenient, washing, cutting vegetables and cooking are sub-regional, can be "one-stop" operation, very convenient, the top cabinet doors for the pull-type, more labor-saving.

Make the kitchenette look bigger than it actually is

With glass, the display effect is strong and will not make people feel depressed. In the design process of a small apartment, the preferred material is glass, especially the use of glass frames in a wall cabinet, which is very modern.

Choose a metal material with a strong visual impact and a strong affinity color. Careful people will find that designers are less design dark cabinets. The overall color of the kitchen should be based on single colors and light colors. Cabinets should not use darker colors such as black and dark brown. White, light gray or bright milky yellow or light blue are all good choices.

Make full use of the corner

Since the space in the kitchen is very small, if the width of the kitchen is narrow, cabinets with corners should not be selected. This may make the space appear smaller, but if the width of the kitchen is wide, the space of the corners should be fully utilized to make space at the corners. Make full use of, for example, use the basket to place more pots and pans.

The two kitchens used in the small kitchen were adequate, and the width was appropriate. If it is a single apartment with a smaller area, it is nowadays more popular to replace the gas stove with an induction cooker.

Door panel hardware must be sophisticated

Small kitchens generally use less drawers, so the number of use of cabinet doors will increase, and they will be repeated several times a day, so that the function of the hinges will be highlighted. It is imperative to select the imported brands as much as possible. There may be a lot of things to put on the wall cabinet of the kitchenette, so the safest lifting code should be used to meet the maximum load-bearing capacity.

Select a single light wall tile for the wall

The use of small kitchens has a limited area and it is highly recommended not to use colorful colors for overall color arrangement. Special attention must be paid to the use of decorative materials that are printed with a three-dimensional pattern or strong contrast between light and shade. This will not only make the kitchen area visually small, but also difficult to clean.

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