Home decoration season will be carefully selected ceramic tiles

When winter comes to spring, the home improvement season is approaching. When purchasing ceramic tiles for decoration, attention must be paid to the radioactivity classification of the products. After three steps of “see, hear, and compare”, ceramic tiles of high quality can be selected.

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When residents carry out home renovations, brand awareness and environmental awareness can not be reduced. Renovation and purchase of ceramic tiles must first check the product packaging on the factory name, specifications, trademarks, production date and implementation of the product standards and other basic information is complete and complete, while paying special attention to view the radioactive classification of ceramic tiles, interior decoration use ceramic tiles Be sure to choose products that meet the Class A standards for radioactivity.

The ceramic tile with high quality has smooth glaze, uniform color tone, and low water absorption. The quality supervision department recommends residents to identify themselves through three steps: “see, hear, and compare”. “Look” refers to the fact that ceramic tiles should not be seen with obvious glazed defects when they are viewed vertically at a distance of 1 meter; ceramic tiles with patterns do not suffer from defects such as lack of color, broken lines, and misalignment; Ceramic tile products are placed vertically on a flat surface and there should be no apparent unevenness.

“Listening” means that when you tap the ceramic tile gently, the better-quality ceramic tile sounds crisp and mellow, and you shouldn’t see “empty” sound. The "ratio" is mainly the specific weight. For the ceramic tile of the same specification, the weight is generally lower and the quality is also better.

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